My Crazy Ex Boyfriend

Jessica Johnson has finally been noticed by her crush but will her past come back to haunt her? This is not a One direction or boy band fan fiction. Unlike my other ones.


3. Heart Attack (lol 1D)

~~I drove down the street made a right and was on mine and sierras street as I finally walk into my house which is huge for an only child and has no relatives at all I walk straight to my room. I lie down on my bed and just relax and suddenly start to doze off until my phone goes off. I reach over on my nightstand and grab my phone.
J=Jessica Jo=Josh
Jo: heyyy
J: Hello senior Joshua
Jo: Please don’t call me Joshua
J: why?
Jo: I don’t like it
J: Oh okay well wazz up????
Jo: nm just getting ready for the game. hbu?
J: nm was just about to fall asleep but then u texted me.
Jo: sryy???
J: it k
Jo: So u going 2 the game?
J: Probably idk tho
Jo: Well I want u 2 come.
J: Well if I come could I bring Sierra?
Jo: Sure but why not Kyle?
J: Bc he is busy tonight with football practice but he said he’d try to stop by if practice finished before the game ended.
Jo: Ooooo k well how come I never see you at any of the other games?
J: Bc I like to go to Kyle’s games to and sometimes they are o the same night so I go to see Kyle’s. I mean it’s not that I wouldn’t want to go to the baseball game it’s just that Kyle’s my best friend and he means a lot to me.
Jo: Oooooooo
J: yeah. Oh so Kyle told me u had to tell me something???
Jo: I’ll tell u at the game
J: Ok. When does it start?
Jo: 6:30pm
 I looked at the clock and started to freak out. You tell me this now I only have a half hour to get ready!!
J: ITS 6 NOW!!!!!
Jo: SOOO???
J: I GTG to get ready
Jo: Ohhhh k
Jo: See ya;)
 Then I realized that I needed to tell sierra that we were going to the game tonight. So I quickly texted her and ran to the shower.
J=Jessica S=Sierra
J: Hey what r u doing tonight?
S: I was thinking about staying home tonight but what do u need??
J: Well do u want to go to the baseball game?
S: yeah sure I’ll b over in a few.
 I quickly got into the shower and felt the hot water. I had always loved to get showers because they always made me feel clean and refreshed when I got out. But in the winter I had always hated it because u get all warm and then once you get out your freezing cold. But anyways I now had wrapped a towel around me and opened the bathroom door that leads to my bedroom. I started screaming because Sierra had been sitting on my bed and at first I didn’t realize who it was.
S=Sierra J=Jessica
J: Oh my god Sierra I hate you right now!!! You nearly gave me a heart attack!!!
S: Sorry you gave me house keys remember??
J: Yeah I know it’s just I didn’t expect you to be here and siting on my bed!!!
S: Sorry I hear you in the shower so I just made myself at home.
J: It’s ok well what are you gonna wear?
S: I had brought three outfits with me.
 Outfit number one was a grey tank-top, with black ripped skinny jeans, a red beanie, and a pair of white converse. Second outfit was a blue zipper up hoodie, a red and white Bettie Bop shirt, white skinny jeans, a black beanie, and a black pair of knee high boots. The third outfit wasn’t like Sierra at all it was a bluish green three buttoned mid-thigh dress, a black beanie, brown boots, grey leggings, and an oversized black hoodie.
 I just looked at her like since when do you own a dress look.
S: I know I just thought maybe a change wouldn’t be so bad so I brought over that.
 She said pointing over at the dress.
J: Well before I say anything do you even want to wear a dress?
S: I don’t know I haven’t worn a dress for a long time since the whole Damien thing happened.
 I don’t like to really talk about Damien but eventually I will talk to you about this.
J: I know Sierra, I haven’t either.
S: I know, but it’s time to move on from what happened in the past and move forward our bruises and bones have healed and he’s locked away for what he has done to us.
J: okay well do you want to wear it because I will wear a dress with you.
S: Okay. Let’s do this!
 So I searched through my closets and found the perfect dress. It was dark purple tight up top and then flowed at the bottom till mid- thigh casual dress. I wore black tights and black zip up knee high boots and a grey sweat shirt to keep me warm. I had straightened my hip length wavy hair and wore a light lavender purple eye-shadow and black eyeliner with hot pink lip stick. I wore studded earrings and my usual hearts sporty necklace. Then I looked at the clock and it was 6:20 so we had to get moving. Sierra was the fastest to get ready out of me and her she just kept her hair the way it was and her dress with brown tights and her brown ugg boots and her black beanie and black oversized hoodie. She wore her usual make-up which was black eye shadow eyeliner and baby light pink lipstick. I looked at the clock again and it was 6:25. We only had five minutes to get there but as usual we had been fashionably late.

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