Behind The Lyrics

Ever since those five young boys won the X-Factor, things have been "complicated" for them...
Secrets, trust, lies, and back stabbing is only the beginning for the boys...


2. Stares

Harry's Point Of View

"Last song for tonight, lads! Are you as excited as I am?!" I hear Louis speak through the microphone, I glance at him, the light shining on his perfectly toned skin and his hair pushed back. Oh how bad I just wanted to... 'Harold... Stop it... You can't think this...' I scold myself. The crowd of girls scream in excitement, you get used to it once you've been almost around the WHOLE world with screaming girls. "You've been staring for some time now, mate" I hear Liam's voice say. I feel a blush grow on my cheeks. I look away from Lou and look at my feet. Liam is the ONLY one in the band that knows how I feel about Lou. Louis and I couldn't be together anyways, we would lose our job... "Here we gooo!!!" Niall exclaims into the mic. The music begins...

"I know you said

That you don’t like it complicated

That we should try to keep it simple

But love is never ever simple


I sing into the microphone, I look at Louis a few times as I sing my part in "Clouds" but deep down inside of my heart, I wanted to mean every word I said. Louis spoke up and sang his part next. My heart ached. His voice is just so perfect that it was physically hurting me.

Liam's Point Of View

I let out a soft chuckle as I notice Harold looking at Louis. I lean down towards Harry, sitting down on the stage, and whisper, "You've been staring for some time now, mate" I smirk and Harry jumps slightly. He takes his eyes away from Lou and looks down. He soon stands up as soon as we all begin our next and final song. After the performance we head back stage. I grab a water bottle and twist the cap off, I began chugging down the water as if I haven't had a drink in years. "Slow down there, Liam, don't want to choke on your water" I hear Zayn's voice say from behind me. I twist the cap back onto the now empty bottle and throw it away, I look at Zayn and roll my eyes. "Don't worry, I'm fine" I say and watch Zayn with a smirk on his face. "What?" I ask, looking around. Zayn has always confused me. I hated how 'mysterious' he would always act. "Nothing." He shook his head and turned around, walking back towards the others. He was driving me insane with that mysterious shit...

Louis' Point Of View

I let out a huff, tired and.... Well, tired is all I felt. But maybe slight confusion mixed in with that. Lately, I've been noticing Harry has been acting a bit differently. For example, right before our last song, he had been staring at me... Not only for a few minutes either. Not only that but he would seem a little nervous. I'm not really sure what was going on. The thoughts like, 'Maybe he likes you more than a friend' kept popping into my head. What was I thinking? Maybe he just has something important to tell me like he got a new girlfriend or boyfriend and was just not sure if I'd get upset or if I'd want to meet them. Let me tell you, I'm the type of person that gets really excited to meet new people and sometimes that causes others to not want to bring another home to meet me. I spot Harry sitting alone, looking into a mirror and... Talking to himself? I walk over silently to investigate but I'm not too great at that. Harry nearly jumps out of his seat. "Louis! Don't scare me like that!" Harry exclaims. I frown. "Sorry, Harry" I say. He is never really this jumpy and he hardly ever yells. "It's fine, Lou, but what did you need?" He asks. I shake my head. "It was nothing" I say before walking away from the clueless Harry. I could still feel his stares on me though.

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