Who would have imagined the boy band One Direction to be Superheros? Nobody. Didn't mean it wasn't true. Who knew Marvel Superheros of course. Bad part Emma Stark just found out.


1. Chapter One

 "You have to come Em. It just won't be the same without you," My best friend, Allison pleaded. Allison had been my best friend since pre-school. We had started playing with the kitchen toys while everyone else argued over who got to play with them. "Ally You know I don't do alcohol parties. If it won't be the same without me then why don't we have a sleepover. My Dad has a dinner with some boy band and your his other "daughter" why not let you suffer too," I suggested while playful poking her side. "Fine Stark you win this round, but next time prepare for a beat down," Ally joked.   


"Mom, Dad I'm home," Ally yelled from the kitchen. Dad was quick to appearance in the doorway "Emma I think Ally followed you home again," he joked while messing up our hair. Ally hated people touching her hair so this pissed her off to no end. "The boys will be here in a bout an hour so if your getting yourselves dolled up you can start now," Mom said while coming into the kitchen. My dog, Bailey trailing closely behind her. Ally pulled me into the elevator that went to my bedroom area. My parents are crazy rich because of Stark Industries, so we have a huge house. Its almost as big a hotel.


We got to level 11, my area. In my area I have a music room, my bedroom, Ally's bedroom, a deck that shows a beautiful view of New York, a library that gets new books every month and a front-room. Ally walk straight to her room when we arrived. She didn't want to waste time. Mainly because she takes forever to get ready. I decided I might as while change my outfit. ***Dress above*** When I finished putting my dress on I walk over to my balcony. It was my quiet thinking space, and boy did I have to think. I sat down in the chair I had pulled by the railing yesterday. I looked at all of the surrounding buildings, people walking on the sidewalk when I noticed somebody on the roof of the building across from ours. He was holding binoculars in one hand, but int he other was a snipper.

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