The Crimson Woods

Lupa Lyall lives in the woods everyone is afraid of, so, naturally everyone is afraid of her. What will happen when something draws her out of the forest, even if it's just for a couple days? Follow Lupa as she experiences things she hasn't ever experienced before.


3. Chapter Two

   When I reached the road it was already about half-past sunrise. I start walking along the road, left to my thoughts. While I'm wondering about how I'm going to avoid the wolves the next time I have to hunt, a wagon starts to appear a ways behind me on the road. I move a little closer to the woods, but still remaining on the road as I wait for the horse-drawn cart to pass. Within no time it has come up right beside me.

   "Excuse me, Miss?" He slows the cart to a halt and I glance at the driver, he must be new and doesn't know about me yet. Otherwise he wouldn't have even looked my way once he realized who I was. Do you need a lift? I happened to notice that you're limping a bit and I thought I might be able to help you on your way to Delaenaire.

   He noticed? It must have gotten worse. Do I accept his offer or do I continue the five miles to the village on foot? "How did you know I was going to Delaenaire? Are you a mind reader or something?"

   "As I said, I noticed your limp and I assumed you'd be headed to the closest village or place with medicine that could help you. Also, if I were a mind reader it would be so much easier to tell when someone was trying to rip me off on one of my goods."

   "So you're a Trader?"

   "Yes, and if you allow me to take you to the village I will be happy to tell you all about myself." He held out his hand fro me to climb up and I took it. When I had situated myself beside him we started back down the road together.

   For the first few minutes it was a little awkward, but I decided to break the silence and get a conversation going. "So, what exactly do you trade?"

   "Well, I trade many things, household items, clothing, and sometimes little trinkets I come across that I think might fetch a good price."

   "What kind of clothing do you sell? The regular everyday type, or clothing more suited for outdoors?" I've been looking for some more clothes that might fit me better. As it is I'm only wearing cloth pants I bought before all the rumors and a shirt made from furs I gathered.

   "I sell both, or more I sell whatever I can get my hands on. I have cloaks, some with hoods, I have a variety of shirts that could go with either of your categories, and then I have a few pants, only a couple are for being outdoors in all the time."

   "What is your price for a cloak with a hood, a shirts and pants, the shirt and pants being for outdoors?"

   "Hmm, I'd say three coins and two of those fur pelts you have there." Quite generous, considering cloaks with hoods are hard to come by.

   "You've got yourself a deal. however, I would like to make this trade before we reach the village, is that alright?" I can use the cloak to hide who I am, so the villagers won't start their whispering.

   "Why might that be? Are you afraid someone will see you?" When I look away and ignore his questions I can tell he figured it out himself. "Ha-ha, hiding from a lover I see, perhaps unrequited?" He laughs. A lover!? Why on earth would I hide from a lover? Then I realized he sensed the tense subject and made a joke. What a nice guy. I smiled. "Of course I'll let you make the trade before we get there." And he stopped the wagon. Once I got my stuff and gave him his payment, we climbed aboard for the rest of the ride to the village.

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