The Crimson Woods

Lupa Lyall lives in the woods everyone is afraid of, so, naturally everyone is afraid of her. What will happen when something draws her out of the forest, even if it's just for a couple days? Follow Lupa as she experiences things she hasn't ever experienced before.


4. Chapter Three

   When we neared the entrance to the village I quickly pulled the cloak over my body and pulled the hood onto my head. I heard the trader laughing. Still thinking of that lover thing? "Come to think of it, I don't even know your name." I say.

   "Nor do I your. Mine is John Pedlin." He replies with a smile.

   "Lupa. Lupa Lyall."

   "I shall call you Wolf then." I am bewildered. Does he know how I am injured? He looks at my surprised face, "That's what your name means, She-Wolf." I just stare in silence. Why? If I were a wolf, or wolf-like, the wolves would not have attacked me yesterday...however they did seem utterly starved. "We are here and this is where we will be departing, Wolf." Without noticing it, we had come into the village and already the people were starting to see that there was a Trader visiting.

   "Well, it was nice meeting you John, perhaps we'll see each other again." With that I climbed off the wagon, careful to keep my hood on, and I went to find myself someone who could help me with my steadily increasing infection.

*John's POV*

   What a strange girl. I watched her limp away from the gathering crowd swiftly. I wonder what she's  really hiding from.

   "Excuse me, sir, I hope your travel was safe?" It was the village leader. I could tell by how he wore expensive clothing.

   "Yes, it was quite delightful. I had company this time though, so that made the trip even better." I smiled at the older gentleman.

   A woman piped up in the crowd, "I hope you didn't meet any strangers coming from the forest." Could they mean Wolf?

   "What kind of strangers?" I ask the woman. She shuffles through the crowd so she can speak to me better.

   "Like a young girl about fifteen-sixteen that wears clothes that look as if they've never been washed."

   Another woman speaks up, "You best not run into her."

   "Why not?" I ask them.

   The village leader tells me, "Because she kills anyone who ever enters that forest." I'm taken aback, surely they can't be talking about the mysterious girl that wanted to hide? Perhaps that is why she wanted to hide. But Lupa didn't seem like the kind of person to kill anyone, then again, murderers never do.

*Lupa's POV*

   I heard the people crowding around John's cart in the distance, he'll soon know about me, and the rumors they've created. I turn down the street and find myself where most of the houses are in the village. I walk up to the first house and knock on the door.

   The door opens and a kind looking woman stands in the doorway, "May I help you?" She asks kindly, even though I can sense she already doesn't trust me because of the hood. I should be alright taking the hood off, just so long as she doesn't see my daggers I'll be ok.

   I pull down my hood and reply, "Do you have any medicine that might help with an infection?" She looks at me thoughtfully for a few moments.

   "What's your name dear?" I hesitate.


   "Come on inside, I think I have just the thing." I follow her into her house. She has paintings all over the walls and hand-crafted decorations on tables all throughout.

   "You must love the arts." I say in awe.

   "My husband makes the decorations and I paint the pictures. Silly, did you think I lived here alone?" She looks at me as she teases.

   "S-sorry, I guess I did." I say nervously; I've never been teased before. She just smiles at me.

   "I also have a son, he's probably around your age. How old are you?"


   "Yep, he's seventeen, sorta rambunctious though. Always getting into trouble and wandering off." She laughs lightly. "Sit in here while I go get the medicine and then I'll help you with your infection."

   I sat down in her living room, unlike when I was with John, I felt comfortable here. The woman was nice and she was willing to help me with my problems. She wouldn't be helping me if she knew who I really was. I sighed.

   "You sound stressed, everything okay?" She was back with a worried expression on her soft features carrying herbs and medicine.

   "Oh, it's nothing." I reply quickly. I can tell she knows its not nothing, but she doesn't push the topic. Instead she sits down beside me.

   "Alright, where is this infection?" I lift my left leg a little off the floor. "Go ahead and take those boots off and roll up your pant leg."

   I take both my boots off, careful to keep the one dagger in my boot, and I shove my socks in the shoes. I wince when I look at the wound after rolling my pants up; it's gotten a lot worse.

   "It's a good thing you came to me when you did, a few more hours and you would've been passed out in the street." She tells me jovially, lifting my leg onto the table in front of me. "There. Now I can look at it better." She inspects it for a few moments, thinking, then says, "I'll need to get my son in here to help me." She looks at my puzzled face and laughs slightly. "It's going to hurt a lot so I need him in here to hold you down while I put the medicine on. Don't worry, he doesn't bite unless you're a piece of bacon in the morning." She smiles. "I'll be right back, you don't move until I get back alright?"

   I nod and she turns to leave, but I grab her arm before she's out of reach, "Will you tell me your name before you go?"

   She smiles her kind, motherly smile and replies, "It's Willa Canta, my dear." And then she walks away and out the front door.

   When I wake, it seems to be only a few hours later and my leg has been wrapped in white cloth. I must have fallen asleep while awaiting her return and she went ahead and helped me while I was sleeping. I suddenly noticed that my daggers that had been strapped to my sides were gone. I started to get a little panicky and tried to get up and search in the cushions, but my leg couldn't hold my weight.

   "You don't need to worry, I've put them somewhere safe." It was Willa, her gentle voice full of assurance.

   "Where are they? Please? I must go."

   "It's too late and far too dark out for you to head home now, you can stay the night here." She looked at me with thoughtful eyes, "You'll need to leave soon, however; my son is determined to kill you. See, he's a people person, and he wants to make sure the people have nothing left to fear in the world. I hid your daggers so he wouldn't find out about you."

   I couldn't read Willa's expression anymore, my head was too full of questions. She hid them so I wouldn't get killed? I thought everyone was afraid of me, but she's letting me stay the night? "Why? Why are you helping me? Aren't you scared?" I ask her, my head spinning.

   "Unlike everyone else in this village, I do not wish you harm nor am I frightened of you." She started walking away towards what I assumed was her bedroom. "Goodnight Crimson Girl." Then she disappeared into her room. She doesn't wish me harm? What is going on? I lay back down on the couch in her painting-filled home and fell asleep, my mind swimming with questions.


Hello everyone, sorry it took so long for me to update, I just wasn't feeling it. Lol. But I hope this chapter makes up for that :)

 On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone else get frustrated whenever someone pronounces the word ' herb' with the 'h'? I was always told that the 'h' was silent, so it frustrates me so much. XD

Til next time we meet/chat/whatever-you-wanna-call-it. (=^_^=)~~

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