The Crimson Woods

Lupa Lyall lives in the woods everyone is afraid of, so, naturally everyone is afraid of her. What will happen when something draws her out of the forest, even if it's just for a couple days? Follow Lupa as she experiences things she hasn't ever experienced before.


2. Chapter One

   As I duck into the cave, I wince when my leg gives way and I fall to the floor. Ouch. I pull myself back up, can't rest yet, and I go over to the entrance to wipe away my tracks. When I'm finished, I limp slowly over to my bed of fur pelts on the cave floor. I need to find my herbs. When I fall onto my bed from exhaustion, my leg hurts so much I have to lie there for a moment. After a few more seconds I sit up and reach towards the other side of my bed where I know I will find my bandages and herbs. Only a little left...I'll just use some poppy seeds for now. I swallow the seeds, use some water to rinse the blood from my leg then wrap it with the bandages, and fall asleep.

   When I wake it's around midnight, I glance around the cave, my home. The daggers I used the day before are scattered near the entrance where I dropped them when I fell. I forgot to put them under my bed.

   I lift my injured and throbbing leg above the furs and begin to unwrap it. When its completely unwrapped, I examine the deep wolf bite. The two wolves attacked me while I was hunting for food, they had been following me and waiting until they could steal what I caught. Lazy wolves. I managed to cut one along their right flank, but they both still got away with my catch. Looking at my leg I realize that it's infected. Shoot, I guess I'll have to go to the village because I don't have the proper herbs to clean this. I grimaced, got up and grabbed what money, furs, and other things I had to sell. I picked up my daggers, strapped one on the inside of my uninjured leg's boot, and put the other two in their sheaths on my hips.

   This is going to be an interesting trip. Everyone in the village is frightened of me. The girl who lives in the Crimson Woods. The villagers call it the Crimson Woods because anyone who ever enters never comes out, and they claim that when they look at the trees they turn red. Hence the name Crimson. Whenever I walk into the village and people are out and about they back away and whisper tersely to each other. Some even run home and lock their doors, because I am the only one who has ever come out of the Crimson Woods alive.

Before I head out of the cave I make sure all my things are hidden in a crevasse on the wall. Just in case an animal wanders in. Or another person. Wiping away my tracks behind me I start for the road that leads to the Delaenaire Village.

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