Slytherin Demigod

Gemini Zahara is like nothing the world has ever seen. Could certainly be because she isn't from our world. Gemini is from Olympus. As in the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. When her mother Athena tells her of her father she makes the life changing choice to go to earth and meet him. As Gemini attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she will learn what it means to have friends, love, and a father.

Join Gemini in her quest for truth, friendship, and forbidden love.


1. Welcome to Hogwarts

I sat on the steps outside our home. Mother had just told me of my father I wasn't quite sure if I was happy or sad. These emotions were something I was not familiar with. Finally after hours of sulking outside I had made my decision. I put my helmet back on over my blonde blonde,brown,and grey flecked hair. I stood and checked my face in the water my wolf like glowing eyes were slightly puffy, I culled some water and splashed it on my tanned body. I turned toward my home and dragged my bare feet up the steps, attempting not to trip on my floor length white and gold gown as it blew in the wind. 


I came face to face with my mother Athena at the front entry. "Mother, I have made my decision." 


"And that is?" My mother Athena looked at me seriously.


"I shall be ported to Earth, I wish to meet my father. I will also be pleased to attend the school called Hogwarts in which he teaches."


"Gemini, my child, if you are ported to Earth you may not return unless you preform a deed worthy of Zeus. You know this well, do you not?" 


"Yes mother I know this well. My choice is made." 


My mother nodded almost sadly before putting a warriors face on. "Very well." 


She rubbed her hands together with her owl ring in the middle. The owl ring lit up like the sun as she set it on the ground infront of me. 


"I, Athena, port Gemini to Earth. Her life shall be the same as is now but only when she proves herself worth of Zeus may she return to Olympus. A guardian shall be besides her at all times, I port now Gemini to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with all necessary materials. May your journey be blessed." 


With that I stomped on the ring, I saw my mothers eyes tear before seeing blackness. As soon as it began, it was over. I stood in the gates of a massive ancient castle. I gasped for air and shook my head to clear it. I looked at what was around me, I had every necessity I needed for this school including my snow white owl Noctum. 


'Gemini' I heard in my female head. I jolted slightly and looked to my right.


There stood,or rather sat, a dog sized white Snow Leopard with gold specks.


She spoke in my head again without looking at me 'I am your guardian Nima.'


I nodded to her to show that I accepted and acknowledged her. She nodded her head once as four people strode quickly toward us. They stopped quickly at the sight of me. I stood silent with Noctum on my shoulder and my guardian by my side. I still wore my gold plated helmet that stopped just enough to see my glowing eyes under the shadow of the visor. I wore my battle gear instead of my gown. My battle gown stopped just above my knees and was gold trimmer with a corset top with golden lace. My golden sandles wrapped up my legs and stopped at my knees. My golden gloved hands were full, one with my shield and the other with my battle spear.


The oldest man whose beard reached his stomach smiled slightly with a look of awe in his brilliant blue eyes, the brown and grey haired man who had various scars on his face looked at me recognition and a dropped open mouth. The woman in emerald gown and robe stared at me in sudden awe and fear, while the man in all black with slightly greasy hair stared at me with an expressionless face but light as air eyes.


The woman with the emerald robes spoke suddenly to the man with the long beard "Albus can it be?! Have they sent us her on purpose or accident?!" 


I watched them closely not moving as the man named Albus spoke "I think it destiny she has been sent if I'm correct to who she is" 


They all cautiously walked toward me as I stood attentive and looked at the one named Albus. He seemed to be the one in charge.


"Dear girl. May I ask what your name is?"


Nima spoke quickly in my head 'give them a last name as well, to blend in. But tell the truth to what they ask. A godddess never tells lies' 


'Gemini Zahara." I spoke strongly.


"Where are you from" the man with brown and gray hair asked


I pointed with my spear to the sky "Olympus is where my origin lies" 


They all took an intake of breath. Albus looked at the man who asked me this questions. "Remus please send her bags to the closed room in the dungeons" 


My breath caught at his name but I quickly recovered once he said dungeons. Remus made my bags disappear as I quickly pointed my spear at Albus' throat. His breath hitched as Noctum flew above me ready to strike as I put my sheild infront of me. Nima took a defensively stance beside me. The three people pointed sticks at me.


"Why will I be sent to the dungeons?! I am not a prisoner to this castle! I am a demigod hybrid! The dungeons is not place for me and my companions!"I shouted as I felt myteeth elongate as my ears and nails started to.


The one named Remus noticed this quickly and moved Albus out of the way and took is place. He locked eyes with me as his eyes changed. They turned into my eyes.


"Calm down, the dungeons here are the safest place. There is a room fit for you down there. We will be protecting you. It is right next to Severus' room" he pointed to the man in black who looked at him wide eyed before composing himself "we wont harm you. Take a deep breath and calm your blood it helps with the morphing" he said this last part so only I couldn't hear.


I took a deep breath and pulled my spear back and stood at attention, Noctum retturned to my shoulder as Nima sat still again. It was as if the confrontation never happened.


"Very well. Take me there." 


Albus interrupted "First we must take you to the Great Hall you must be introduced to the rest of the school and sorted." 


I nodded as approval.


The one in the green robes finally spoke. "Shouldn't we have her chan....." 


Remus stopped her "Minerva, I wouldn't"


She shut her mouth quickly and nodded. I followed them into the castle and stared intrigued by the portraits that moved and most intently at the ghosts that passed us. This is a strange school indeed.  


We came to a halt infront of huge wooden doors.


"Remus wait here with Gemini, we will open the doors when we are ready" Albus said


Albus, Severus, and Minerva went into the hall and closed the doors. I could faintly hear Albus give a speech about a newcomer and treating her with respect.


"How is Athena?" Remus said suddenly


For the first time in my years of exist I was caught by surprise. I gawked at him. "What?" 


"Please Gemini do you take me a fool? You Morph into a wolf, you have wolf colored eyes, and you have some brown and grey flecks in your hair. Your from Olympus and the daughter of Athena, I can tell by the battle attire. I also know your my daughter." 


I sighed, it was true he is my father but I wished he didn't find out this way I wanted to tell him my own way. Before I could respond the doors swung open. Every child was stranding and looking at the door where I was covered in shadow only thing visible my glowing eyes. I straightend my shoulders and held my head high. I walked through the doors and up the aisle the only thing heard was the taping of my spear end on the ground not all children could see me. I was 5'5 on earth. Olympus I was a giant. Which infact is a huge change.


As I reached the steps and turned toward the sea of students the whispers erupted.


"Its true shes a demigod!"

"How will youknowwho react to this" 

"Will she show up potter"

"What house will she be in"

"Is she even magic"


"SILENCE!" Albus boomed


I silently inwardly laughed he may have given Zeus a run for his money with that yell.


Albus turned to me "introduce yourself dear, I can magnify your voice"


"No need, I am a demigod" I cleared my throat and spoke with a loud authoritative voice I pocked up from Zeus. "My name is Gemini Zahara, I am a demigod hybrid from Olympus. I am here to not only aid you as needed but to also learn hour customs and blend in." 


Albus smiled "you will all treat her as equal. She will be treated as equal, only difference she will have is her own room in the dungeons. Simply for her and all of our protection." 


Albus turned to me "remove your helmet pleasewe must sort you" 


I obeyed and tucked my helmet under my arm. Noctum left his perch on my shoulder and stood on Nami who stood by my side. Minerva set a hat on my head and it made a thinking sound.


" you my dear who fit all houses, your qualities are splendid. I know exactly where to put you." It said and paused.


Everyone held their breath including myself


A table to the left erupted and everyone clapped, Severus a bit harder than most as it said one word that sealed my housing fate and my fate in general.





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