Slytherin Demigod

Gemini Zahara is like nothing the world has ever seen. Could certainly be because she isn't from our world. Gemini is from Olympus. As in the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. When her mother Athena tells her of her father she makes the life changing choice to go to earth and meet him. As Gemini attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she will learn what it means to have friends, love, and a father.

Join Gemini in her quest for truth, friendship, and forbidden love.


3. Head of houses

My dreams were haunted by a man with glowing red eyes and no nose. I saw a boy with raven hair and a scar on his forehead. I saw the no nose man on the back of a head, as a young boy with a giant snake, sitting in a room with a man reclined in a chair, killing a hufflepuff boy who reached for a cup, and running with a woman with crazy hair who had an obnoxious laugh. My dream suddenly changed to people on top of a tower with a bell. There stood Albus and Severus and Draco.

I awoke with a start to come face to face with Severus. "You were screaming." 

I looked into his eyes and saw only worry. I hardened my face as he did so often

"I am fine" I growled.

"Can we talk?" 

I got out of bed and headed to my closet. I was ignoring him and for good reason.

"Fine" he got up and stood in the middle of my room "ill talk you listen" 

I shut the closet doors and I knew that he knew I could hear him. 

"I am sorry for how I treated you Gemini." He apologized sounding sincere.

I changed into one of my green school gowns that stopped at my calf and fanned out, the tail ending at my ankles. I decided I would go barefoot today. I turned to the back of the closet where thevanity was. I did light makeup only accenting my eyes. I twisted my hair into a curly bun with pieces if hair framing my face. I wrapped a thin cord of gold and green through my hair. I looked like a true goddess. As I walked to the doors I caught the end of Severus' speech. 

"......a pull to you that I only felt with Lily. But with you it is stronger. You are my student though and you are younger than me. This wouldn't work."

I felt a sting in my heart but also fury. I threw the doors open and Severus went speechless. He stared at me with love and adoration. 

"If you think for one moment you will rid yourself of me so easily you are sorely mistaken. And who are you to say how old I am. You know nothing of me Sir." I strode to him my gown tail gliding behind me. I stopped when I was mere inches from his face "I am 23 for you information, I am not...."

"Your how old?!" He interrupted me

This aggravated me I do not like being interrupted "I am 23."

"That changes everything," he grabbed my wrist pulling me behind him "we have to see Albus immediately"

As we began to exit I yelled behind me "Nima!" 

She came bounding out of the door following closely behind me. As we entered Albus' office he looked up with a small smile and looked at where Severus was holding my arm. 

Severus spoke coldly before he could "She is older than allowed as a student"

Albus' smile faltered. "Come again"

I interrupted Severus quickly "I am 23 Sir. I was going to tell you later on but after a heated debate with Severus here, it slipped out." 

"That changes things, I'm sorry Gemini but you cant attend classes here." My heart dropped I was about to say something but he intervened "however how would you like to be head of slyt..."

Severus looked at him disbelieving "Albus, that is my position"

"Severus calm yourself, you will still be head of slytherin. If you would care to let me finish, Gemini how would you like to be head slytherin and the other houses protection. In other words you would be head of hogwarts protection."

I smiled "I would be honored sir" 

"Very well" Albus rose from his chair. "Come with me"

As Severus, Albus, Nima, and I exited the office Severus grabbed my arm holding me back.

"You have no idea how dangerous that will be Gem."

"First unhand me" he let go of my arm and I got close to him. I said menacingly "second you can not tell me what to do. You after as if you wanted nothing to do with me. Game on remember" 

I left him there standing speechless to catch up with Albus. We entered the great hall and I got many looks of boys. They seemed to be very lustful at these ages. I stood next to Albus at the front.

"Attention please, I have been informed that Gemini is to high of age to attend classes. However she will be the new head of houses. This means she is our head of protection here at hogwarts. She is allowed anywhere in the castle at anytime including common rooms and dormitories to insure that there is no threat. Be it as she is a demigod she will be our best defense" 

"Albus!" My father shouted.

Oh no......

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