Slytherin Demigod

Gemini Zahara is like nothing the world has ever seen. Could certainly be because she isn't from our world. Gemini is from Olympus. As in the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. When her mother Athena tells her of her father she makes the life changing choice to go to earth and meet him. As Gemini attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she will learn what it means to have friends, love, and a father.

Join Gemini in her quest for truth, friendship, and forbidden love.


2. Childish Man

I sat with the Slytherins, my new house, and looked at the food strangely. I wondered what food this was. I put some on my plate and examined it with my fork.

"Its roast and potatoes, its really good. Don't you have those in Olympus?" Said a boy with platinum blonde hair who reminded me slightly of a ferrett I had as a child. 

"We do not." I replied "We eat lamb and cow, fruits and fresh grown vegetables, and we drink wine."

"Must be great to be spoiler like a God" said a girl who was recently drowling over the blonde boy.

"Can it Pansy" the blonde boy said

"What ya gunna do to me if I don't Draco? Punish me?" She winked at him

I felt as though I would hurl. I set my helmet on the seat beside me and situated myself so I better viewed this girl.

"You should not say things like that to nobility. My apologizes I thought you a lady." I said simple.

I took a bite of my roast, this was quite good. While she rest of the slytherins laughed.

"Excuse me?" She growled

"You heard me quite clearly. I speak English not Foregin"

"How dare you speak to me that way"she shouted "I rule this school not you"

I laughed at this. I slammed my fork down and stood bent over the table so I was dangerously close to her face.

all I saw was fear in her eyes "Listen here girl, you do not talk to me like that. He is considered noble where I come from. To be named after a creature so powerful is a high honor and only done for nobility." I got slightly closer to her, close enough I'm sure she could see the flecks of red in my eyes "And let me make something very clear to you, you better step off your throne. There's a new ruler in town." 

I sat down and let her process what I said. I grabbed my fork and waved it slightly at her. I smiled wickedly at her expression.

"Any questions?" I said through slightly gritted teeth.

She shook her head wildly. Draco smiled at me and mouthed thank you, I nodded once. The rest of the slytherins went back to their eating, although slightly rigid after my confrontation with pansy. I looked at the staff table and made out what Minerva said to Albus.

".......definitely a slytherin" was what I read from her lips. 

My eyes wandered slightly and locked with Severus. He immediately stopped smiling and covered his face with an icy expression. Interesting. Id have to look into what his problem is with me, better yet why I felt draw to such a man. 

When I finished eating I heard a clanking of glass. I turned my attention to Albus.

"As the feast closes I want to remind everyone to have a great year this year! Perfects show your first years the dormitories." He shouted.

Everyone started to file out. I grabbed my helmet and got up to go with them until I realized I didn't know where I was going. I was about to turn around and ask a professor when I hand was placed on my shoulder. Out of reflex I dropped my helmet, as it made a loud clash I grabbed my attackers wrist and ducked under it. I pulled their arm behind them, pressed it agaisnt their back, and lifted. I heard them groan but somehow they escaped my hold and with me still holding their wrist pulled me to them so we were chest to chest, nose to nose, with my free hand and theirs interlocked behind my back. I felt no pain, only electricity and as if the world blurred out around me and it was only me and my attacker. This only happened once for people like me and that was when they found who they belonged with or so i was told my mother and zeus. I looked up through my bangs at my attacker/mate.


I quickly jumped backwards tripping over a bench. Before I landed on my back Nima pushed herself against me to keep me from falling.

'You have found your mate Gemini' Nima said to me in my head

"I know" I whispered

Severus looked at me adoringly before he put that stupid mask of coldness on. 

"I'm here to take you to your room. Lets go before you decide to attack me again." He said coldly

Okay that stung and I wasn't going to have it. I followed his down many stairs to two doors that were side by side. One was stone the other was the same but with a golden tint to it. As soon as I was infront of the door with the golden tint he turned to storm to the one next to mine. He glared at me icily and opened his door to walk in. Before it shut I slammed it open. That was enough.

"What in the name of Zeus is your problem?!" 

He looked startled at me but quickly covered it "Get out"

"How about no. I do not know what your problem is with me but I suggest you figure it out and discuss it with me."

"You attacked me!" 

"And you came up behind a demigod hybrid and frightened me. What else did you think would happen?! And then I feel sparks that is only felt with ones mate and I know you felt them too! Now you stand and act like nothing happened you arrogant pig!" 

He looked wide eyed at the mention of him being my mate. He stepped closer to me so he was looking down at me. His features softened and he leaned forward. Suddenly he stopped and hardened them again. "Get out" 

I jabbed my finger on his chest "you sir are an adult who acts like a pathetic ignorant useless child" 

"Out. Now!" 

I walked to the door and opened it. I stood in the doorway and looked at him. I felt pure pain and agony inside but that I hid. "You want to play this little game Severus? The game in which you act like you don't give a damn about me or how you feel. Fine then." I glared at him with looks like could kill and said menacingly "Game on."

I shut the door leaving him with a hurt expression. I walked to my gold tinted door and walked in. Automatically I was in awe. The floor was a gold colored carpet while the walls were pure white stone, to the right against the wall was a huge canopy bed covered in golden silk while the canopy was white with gold trim and flecks. Next to the bed was a nightstand with a lamp and contraption that showed numbers that said 11:30pm. I was guessing this was my time teller. To the left agaisnt the wall was a white and gold desk with a quill, ink, and parchment. In the corner next to it was my luggage. I walked straight back to two sets of double doors. 

The double doors to the right I saw was a walk in closet which contained to the right my white and gold battle gowns all in different styles, I looked to left and saw new outfits. Some were the length of my battle gowns, knee length, and woke were thigh length, while the rest floor length. They were all dark green with gold trim and black trim on the corset piece. I noticed in the back were what looked like shawls or thin lace like covers for the green gowns. I felt one and realized it was thicker that lace a similar material to Minerva's. Each one had a snake emblem on the left breast. I realized they were my school uniforms. So they weren't going to make me wear those dreadful robes. 

I walked out of the closet and to the double doors on the left. It was a bathroom done in gold and white. The shower contained a waterfall shower head and next to the shower was a huge tub for soaking. It had rose, lavendar, and peony pedals in seperate dishes.

I walked out of the bathroom and noticed a door on the left side of the room, it looked like the door that led into my room. I slowly opened it and Severus looked up from his book. He got up quickly and faced me.

"A connecting door, really?!" I growled

"Its incase you need help" he stated he still had hurt eyes, looked as if he was crying

"Is there a lock for it?" I examined the door

"No" he stated

"I wont need your assistance anyway." I stated matter of factly "I can handle myself" 


I shut the door in his face before he could say anything else. I was still seething at him. I went to my closet and dressed in my floor length white and gold lace sleeping gown. Put my hair in a ponytail and laid in my bed. I took a deep inhale as I laid on the very plush bed and sunk in slightly. It smelled of home in here. The door to my room opened and I shot up. I grabbed my spear that I had shrunk down to a pen size. I clicked the top and it sprang out. I pointed it at the door as I crouched on top of the bed in hunting formation.

'Relax it is only me' Nima and Noctum came into the room.

I clicked my spear again and it closed. I set it on my nightstand and laid back down. Nima went to her bed, in the right corner of the room. It was shaped like mine but small.

'Ohhhh, oh my! Very comfy!' she started to purr. 

I smiled as I watched Noctum fly into his beautiful owl house in the opposite corner. He tucked his head under his wing and automatically fell asleep. I laid my head on the pillow after closing the lace curtains around my bed. 

'I could get use to this.' Was my last thought before sleep took me.

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