Slytherin Demigod

Gemini Zahara is like nothing the world has ever seen. Could certainly be because she isn't from our world. Gemini is from Olympus. As in the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. When her mother Athena tells her of her father she makes the life changing choice to go to earth and meet him. As Gemini attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she will learn what it means to have friends, love, and a father.

Join Gemini in her quest for truth, friendship, and forbidden love.


4. Bonded *warning: adult content*


I could tell my father was angry. He went up to Albus and whispered angrily to him. Albus shookhis head and my father Remus stormed out of the hall angry. Albus rose his hands and food appeared on the tables. That was the end of discussion,that much I knew. I decided to wander the halls.

*6 hours later*

I memorized every corner of the castle to the point I was now able to walk it with closed eyes. I closed my eyes tightly and felt the cool stone floor beneath my feet. I slowly and carefully walked forward I counted my steps as I rounded corners. This is what I was trained for all my llife I knew how to do this well. What I didn't expect was to run into someone.

"Oof." I heard a thump on the floor.

I hadn't fallen over but my eyes snapped open. Before I knew what I was doing I had my spear pointed to someones neck. Draco. I retracted my spear and helped him to his feet. He looked flustered, he fixed the sleeve on his arm tugging it down. Curious. 

"Mr. Malfoy." I turned around to see Severus.

"What are you doing Mr malfoy?"he asked coldly

"Talking to Gemini" draco said equally as cold.

I felt as though things were going to get very heated, I quickly made me exit. I ran through the halls toward the dungeons. I heard footsteps beating against the pavement. I ran faster until I saw the gold tinted door that lead to my room, I gripped the handle and as the door began to open I was grabbed around the waist. I was pulled into my room and pressed against the wall roughly. The room burst into light, I saw only Severus. 

"Unhand me" I said through gritted teeth. 

"Don't ever speak to him again Gemini" he growled.

I pushed him away from me "who are you to tell me who I may and may not talk tto Severus Snape!" 

"I am your mate, I wont allow you to talk to another man with interest"

It suddenly clicked, I began to laugh "you are jealous!" 

He glared at me and grabbed me around the waist pulling me to him. He kissed me suddenly with passion no man could compare to. He lifted me so my legs wrapped around his waist. He began to untie the corset of my dress. I felt the coldness as my corset was dropped to the floor leaving me in only the underdress. I unwrapped my legs from his and removed his robes leaving his shirtless with only trousers on. He was a very muscular man under his robes. I ran my fingers over his muscles as he shivered in ecstasy. He quickly removed the rest of my gown and undergarments running his hands all over my named body. He picked me up again and threw me onto the bed. After removing what was left of his clothes he climbed ontop of me. Holding my face he kissed me passionately I knew what he was trying to do. I broke the kiss and cried out in pain as he quickly penetrated me taking my virginity. My cry of pain quickly turned to a moan of pleasure as he went faster and faster hearing the slap of skin to skin. I brought his face down to mine kissing him. As I reached my climax so did he. He kissed me again with passion before laying next to me on my bed. We both climbed under the silk covers, I laid my head on his chest and draped my arm across his chest. He began to rub my back soothingly, I could feel us both drifting. I knew I would have to tell him tomorrow about the bond we just completed but I would wait tip tomorrow. I curled up closer to him.

"Mine" was the last thing I said as sleep over took me. 

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