New movella

Crushing on calum


1. the new kid at school

"MOM pls don't make me" go I said I had been to 4 different schools in the last 2 months and I was done moving from place to place "your going and that's that" my mom said. I gave up and just said fine so I got on the bus or whatever and it took us 15 min to get to school. I stepped off the school bus the school I was going to was northwest christian and I was not excited so I planned on just being the invisible kid for the rest of the year. I walked into the school and I couldn't believe it. It was the biggest school I had ever been in the principal met me at the door and said "I'm mrs. Hover and you must be mack" yes I am I said that's fantastic she said she called a kid by the name of calum to come out in the hallway she said to me this is calum he will be showing you around the campus he said hi I said hi back and he said here follow me

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