Daughter of Poseidon

Ariadne Ross. Daughter of Poseidon and sister of Percy Jackson. Ari has two problems. 1.) She's developed, in her opinion, a terrifying crush on Luke Hemmings 2.) She has to go on a quest with two demigods to save their friends. Through out the quest, she wonders. Can love really be that bad?

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2. Ashton : What Are We Going To Do?

 Ari collapses. Calum rushes forward to catch her head before it hit the ground.

"How do we treat a hellhound bite?" Calum asks Will Solace of the Apollo cabin. Will quickly wraps up Ari's side.

"She needs a special potion." he says. He looks up. "Is Nico around?"

I shake my head. "No, but I think Michael is though." I say. Will nods.

"Go get him. Quickly. Calum, carry Ariadne to the infirmary." Will says. Calum picks Ari up and heads towards the infirmary. I nod at my command and start running. I concentrate until I feel myself take flight as an Eagle. (BTW: I can change form.)

I soar through the sky until my sights land on the Hades cabin. I swoop down and land. I run up to the door and pound on it.

"Mikey! Open up!" I call.

"Go away!" I hear him reply. I sigh in annoyance and pound on the door harder.

"Clifford! This is serious!" I yell. The door swings open revealing Michael Clifford, son of Hades, his face serious.

"Someone's dying." he says. I nod grimly.

"How?" Michael asks.

"Hellhound bite. Will needs you there. Something about a potion." I say.

"Let's go." Michael says and we run towards the infirmary.


Michael makes it there before I do. I dash into the infirmary after him. Will is waiting for us when we arrive, looking worried.

"Finally!" Will exclaims.

"How's Ari?" I ask.

"Ari?" Michael asks.

"Ariadne. The girl whose dying. And to answer your question Ashton, she's getting worse." Will says. "Not only is she losing blood, but the bite is poisoned."

"She must have gotten bit by the alpha." Michael mutters. "I need to see her."

Will leads us into the emergency room part in the back. Calum is sitting next to Ari, who is looking extremely pale with an awful green tint on her skin.

"Gods of Olympus." Michael gasps.

"The potion's not going to be enough is it?" I ask. Michael shakes his head.

"We need more power. Ashton, get some salt water from your dad's sacred fountain. Will, go and find Luke. I will go get the potion." Michael says. He disappears as soon as he finished talking. I take off to my cabin.

When I get there, I see my brother, Percy Jackson, I.M.ing (Iris Messaging) his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Aka Calum's sister.

"Hey, bro. What's up?" Percy asks. I shake my head as I fill a large container with the water from the spring.

"Trying to save someone's life." I say shakily.

"Who? Is Calum okay?" Annabeth asks. I nod.

"Yeah, he's fine. The new girl, Ariadne, isn't. She got bit by an alpha hellhound and is poisoned. And the fact that she lost a lot of blood doesn't help." I say. Percy tells Annabeth that he'll talk later and ends the call.

"Can I come?" he asks. I lift the container.

"Yeah. Help me carry this to the infirmary." I say. Percy picks up the other side and we carry it quickly to the infirmary.

We set the container at the foot of Ari's bed. Percy gawks at Ari.

"The nector and ambrosia isn't going to last." Calum says. "Where are the others?"

Will runs in with Luke.

"Woah." Luke gasps. "This is just from a hellhound bite?"

"Yeah, and it's more serious than we thought." Will says. "Where the Hades is Michael?"

Michael steps from the shadows holding a black vial with a blood red liquid within it.

"Good you're here." Michael says unstopping the vile.

"Hurry Michael, she doesn't have much time." Will says. Michael gives Will an annoyed look.

"Do you think I don't know that?" Michael asks. Will stays quiet an backs up. Michael proceeds his spell. He trickles the potion into Ari's mouth. He mutters some Greek and backs up.

"What does that do?" Percy asks.

"It demolishes the poison. Ashton, the water please." Michael says.

"Do I just pour it into her mouth?" I ask stupidly.

"No! You just throw it in her face!" Michael snaps.

"I'll take that as a yes from Mr. Grumpypants." I mumble and pour the water down Ari's throat. Almost immediately, the color returns to Ari's body. Michael sighs in relief.

"Luke. Wake her up." Michael says. Luke forms a spark and sends it over her heart. Ari jumps a little and opens her eyes. She sits up, looking around looking confused and frightened. Will sighs.

"Ariadne, how are you?" Will asks. Ari stays silent. She sits there and stares at everyone.

"Ariadne?" Will tries again. Ari looks at him warily.

"Ari? How are you feeling?" I ask. She looks at me.

"I'm fine." She says softly. Will and I exchange glances. He backs up and lets me ask the questions.

"Do you remember me?" I ask. Ari nods.

"Yeah you're Ashton. You're one of the boys who saved me." Ari replies.

"Do you recognize anyone else?" I ask. Ari scans the room again. She points to Calum.

"Him." She says.

"You remember his name?" I ask.

"Calum." Ari says. Calum smiles slightly. I nod.

"She sees all right." Will says.

"I can't believe it worked. It only works on a child of..." Michael trails off.

"A child of who?" Luke asks.

"Of one of the Big Three. Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades." Michael finishes slowly.



A/N: Sorry it's been a while since I've updated. I've been busy. Thank you so much for reading this story. I will update as soon as I can.

Lots of love and Batman,

- Batgirl3635

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