Daughter of Poseidon

Ariadne Ross. Daughter of Poseidon and sister of Percy Jackson. Ari has two problems. 1.) She's developed, in her opinion, a terrifying crush on Luke Hemmings 2.) She has to go on a quest with two demigods to save their friends. Through out the quest, she wonders. Can love really be that bad?

DISCLAIMER! I don't own 5SOS or the Percy Jackson characters!


1. Ari : How did I get here?

I  guess being a half-blood can't let you escape normal problems. I should have seen it coming. I mean, come on! I'm named after the princess of Crete for Dad's sake! Whoever he may be. I literally just got out of a near-death experience with a couple of hellhounds, and I don't even know who rescued me. I mean, I know who did it, just not their names. 2 boys are leading me through the woods. 1 has dark hair, tan skin, and is carrying a crossbow. The other has curly, dark blond hair, also kind of tan, and is carrying a dagger.

We come across a gate and the 2 boys walk though it like they live there. I stop in my tracks and cross my arms. I wait to see if they notice that I stopped walking. They do and turn.

"Aren't you coming?" the blond calls. I snort.

"No. I am not following two strangers into a weird gate-thingy after they took me away from New York, which is where I live." I snip. The brunette sighs in annoyance.

"Just come on already. It's safe inside the border." he says.

"Safe?! From what?!" I yell. The blond comes forward.

"Okay, maybe it wasn't fair we didn't explain on the way." he starts.

"Maybe?" I snap.

"Okay, it wasn't. But it's complicated and we can't explain it outside that border." The blond points to where the brunette is standing behind the gate. I look warily at the gate.

"I don't even know your names." I mumble quietly. An awful sound finds its way through the woods. The blond grabs my hand, forcing me to look at him.

"We need to go into camp. There I promise we will explain everything. Just come with us." he says seriously. I finally give in and let him lead me through the border.




"Are you willing to tell me your names now?" I ask as the two boys lead me through the shrubbery.

"Yeah, I guess." the brunette starts. "I'm Calum Hood, son of Athena, goddess of wisdom."

"I'm Ashton Irwin, son of Poseidon, god of the sea." the blond, Ashton, says.

"What's your name?" Calum asks me.

"Ariadne Ross." I say.

"Like the princess of Crete?" Calum asks. I nod.

"That's too hard to say. Can I call you Ari for short?" Ashton asks. I giggle and nod. Calum scoffs.

"Seaweed Brain." he mutters. I stifle a laugh when Ashton glares at Calum.

"Shove it, Hood." Ashton says, playfully punching Calum's arm..

"So, why am I here?" I ask.

"Because you're safe here." Ashton says.

"Safe from what?" I quiz.

"Monsters." Ashton answers again.

"Why are monsters chasing me?" I ask.

"Because you're a demigod." Calum finally answers.

"A demi-what?" I ask.

"A demigod. Half mortal. Half god. Which parent did you live with before today?" Calum asks.

"My mom." I reply.

"That mean your dad is one of the Olympian gods. But which one?" Ashton wonders. We continue walking until I stumble. Ashton and Calum catch me. I feel so dizzy as my vision starts to fade.

"Ariadne? Are you okay?" Calum asks. My head starts to droop.

"Cal, what's going on?" Ashton asks Calum. Calum notices blood coming from my side into his hand. I notice it too. I forgot about the hellhound bite. I didn't even feel it.

"Hellhound bite. She's losing too much blood." Calum says. Sunlight breaks through and I make out figures walking around. I hear Ashton and Calum screaming for a medic. People start to gather around and whisper. Ashton's explaining something as someone checks out my side. He's saying the same thing Calum had said. I'm losing too much blood.

"Ariadne, stay with me." a voice echos. I cant stand it anymore. I collapse, my vision goes black before I hit the ground.

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