The Forbibben Zone

My name is Yamaka, and I am a Seventeen-year-old girl that is set to overthrow the "king" and his army, the serials. I will never think of him as a king, nor will my rebellion. "King" Kutstun is the man who arose in the world's time of need; we were so desperate for anyone, anything that could save us all from certain death that, when he gave us this, we willingly handed over to him all freedom we'd ever had, and practically enslaved ourselves. I saw right through his disguise from the very start. Now, it is up to me to save the very people that are trying to kill me.


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      "Midnight." Chiru announces, implying that it's time to go. Still in her pajamas, Yumi crosses her arms and strolls into the room. I know what she wants. She confirms my suspicion by demanding "I am going with you."
       Minoshi walks up to her, I assume she will tell her to go to bed. To my surprize, Minochi says "Get dressed, we leave in two minutes."
       It has been two minutes and, despite everyone's complaining, Yumi is still going to come with. Minochi defends Yumi and tries to convince us that this is a good idea by saying "Well, this will be good practice for her. We can't just immediately take her to the city. "Kyonee steps up "I have been taking Yumi to train with me early in the morning. I think she is ready." After a sigh, I hand Kyonee a katana. "You are responsible for her for tonight. I will train with her from now on. Let's go."

       The whole basic attack team, Taiyota, Yoshimi, Yumi, the twins, and I, arrive at our second meeting place, an abandoned home nearest the post. Kyonee loads her (what kind of gun should she use? I'm thinking something a bit smaller), Kasu grabs an arrow from the quiver, and Yumi unsheathes her katana. Yoshimi reviews the plan that we discussed earlier. "We need to take out the searchlights, Chiru says that the serials are on the lookout for an escapee from layer A7. That means more lights, more serials, and less time. Kasu, you can take out the searchlights. Kyonee, you ca-" Yumi interrupts her " I can use a bow and arrow! Maybe I can help with that." Kyonee cringes at the fact that Yumi, whom she is responsible for, just interrupted the leader of the mission."Yumi" Kyonee says quietly"I have a plan for you, so for now, just, hush." Yumi jumps up and down at the thought of a plan for her. Ignoring Yumi, Yoshimi continues" so, as I was saying, Kyonee, you can stay back farther and cover us. Taiyota, you go in right after me. Yamaka, you will go into the tower along with Taiyota and take out the serials until you get to the top. Chiru will tell you what to do from there" Yoshimi retrieves something that looks like a headset." I know that this is not the most convenient way to communicate, but we don't have much money, and we will use what we've found throughout the forbidden zone, and this is it. Also, remember what happened last time we let Chiru go on a mission with us?


  (Point of view of Chiru)

       I grip my bow nervously. Minochi casually lounges in a chair, legs crosses, hands behind her head. Such a calm pose has never been so menacing. The training room is too silent. Well, now or never. I grab an arrow, load the bow, and pull it back. and take one more deep breath while aiming for the target about fifty yards away, and release.

       The arrow flies swiftly through the air and pierces the exact point of the target that was aimed for. A faint sigh of relief escapes my lips. I did it. I hit the target. I set the bow down silently and turn to Minochi, expecting her to say something, she does." Accurate, fast, all great qualities, but you need to be precise. Under pressure, I see you falter. Don't get me wrong, you do show real potential, but unless you can show me consistansy in your practices, your chances of going on a mission as an archer are slim." I nod my head and keep somewhat of a confident expression on my face untill she exits the room. She is gone. I let out a sigh and lower my head slightly. With renewed confidence, I raise my head and continue practicing. Before each shot, I say a word. "precision" Whoosh. "speed" Whoosh "accuracy" Whoosh. I stop there but hear Minochi say "perfect." Whoosh. I whirl around to see that she never actually left. I shouldve known that she would stay. With reluctancy in her voice, Minochi tells me "I think you're ready. Just make sure that you are confident, you can't falter under pressure, that is when your skills are needed most" Our next mission will take pla-" she stops talking when yosimi bursts into the room and yells "it's time! the war has begun! We need everyone! bring the weapons!" She runs out of the room. Minochi gives me a glance and yells "Let's go!"
       We sprint out as fast as possible to see a fire ablaze, rebels prefaring to shoot, and king kutstun, who recently took over tayashi city, gethering his new troops to try to abolish the entire area around tayashi city. We can't let that happen, there are other civilizations out there.
       I start to take out as many of the government troops, which i hear people calling them "serials", as I can, when I see another rebel trying to get to king kutsun. I can tell that he is important to the rebellion because the color of his armband is a deep red.
       I am distracted when I see that king kutsun is unguarded! the troops surrounding him have been shot down! I grab another arrow and aim for him. Whoosh. Fwump. I gasp as reality floods me. I didn't take everything into account, like how close he was to the rebel I saw earlier. I killed a rebel. I killed the leader of this mission. Still in shock, I run to the nearest rebel building, the tech station, for there are shots being fired at me from both the government's side and the rebel's side. I enter and immediatly see a girl struggling to hack into something of the king's side. I clearly see what she is doing wrong. I can help! "excuse me" I say as I walk towards the system "I think I can help" looking extremely confused, she says "o-okay" I step up to the system and start typing. The headsets of the serials are now intercepted. We know their plan. I think this is working! I only need to do a little bit more, when I get shoved to the ground by a rebel fighter."You are a traitor!" he yells "you killed the leader of the mission! I'll kill you!"
       Minochi bursts into the room and shouts "Stop! It was my fault! I should have been supervising him." the man shoves me down to the floor again. he murmurs something under his breath to the effect of "Whatever, he's lucky I didn't kill him on the spot. Damn Minochi."
       After that day, Minochi gave up her position of leader. She still believes it was her fault.


(point of view of Yamaka)

       Yoshimi breaks us all out of our trance-like state by saying "Well, let's do this." We follow the plan, up untill it is almost time for me to go. I put on the headset and speak. "Chiru? Are you there?" Just when I think that there will be no response, he answers. "You ready?" I take a deep breath and say "Yes."
       Yoshimi Opens the doors and takes out a few serials. Taiyota and I exchance glances and then we run, dodgeing the searchlights. When we arrive at the door, Yoshimi tells us "All the way up, the middle panel." I respond with a nod and proceed up the tower.

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