The Forbibben Zone

My name is Yamaka, and I am a Seventeen-year-old girl that is set to overthrow the "king" and his army, the serials. I will never think of him as a king, nor will my rebellion. "King" Kutstun is the man who arose in the world's time of need; we were so desperate for anyone, anything that could save us all from certain death that, when he gave us this, we willingly handed over to him all freedom we'd ever had, and practically enslaved ourselves. I saw right through his disguise from the very start. Now, it is up to me to save the very people that are trying to kill me.


1. A note to the readers

       I am at a point in this book where I don't know what to write next, so I am completely open to suggestions, comments, or even collaborating. Also, I am interested in collaborating with anyone on another book, if not this one. Thanks. -Shadow-


       Pronunciation of names

Yamaka- exactly how it looks (yah-mah-kah)

Kutsun- (koot-soon)


Taiyota- no, not Toyota (tie-oh-tah)

Yoshimi- (yo-shee-mee)

Kyonee- kyo is said kind of like a mix of ki (key) and yo (kyo-nay) or (key-yo-nay)

Kasu- (kah-soo)

Chiru- I tend to say th "r" kind of like a "d" (chee-roo) or (chee-doo)

Yumi- kind of saying "You" Then "me" (yoo-mee)

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