Best friends can date too

Annissa and Ashton have been Best friends since Kindergarten. What happens when he is 20 and she is 19 and her tells her he loves her? Will she love him back? Or will she reject him?


1. The sleepover

*ring ring*

"Hello" I say into the phone, "Hey! It's Ashton!" "DIMPLES!!" I scream into the phone, "Hey curly! I'm on my way" I smile "okay" I said happily. We call each other those names because he has dimples and I have curly hair.

*knock knock*

"Ashton!" I scream jumping on to him "hey curls" he says, "okay you pick the movie and I will make the pancakes. Okay" he put his hand up to his forehead "ma'am yes ma'am" I laughed, I pulled him by his hand into my apartment. When I went into the kitchen he had already put his pj's on, but one thing he was shirtless. I couldn't help but stare

"Like what you see" he said my eyes went wide

"Yea" I said surprising both of us "what" he said, "nothing just flipping pancakes" he came up behind me "you like me" he questioned "no" I said "I mean I do but as a friend" "hmm" he said just then I felt flour being poured on my head "DIMPLES!!" I screamed and cracked an egg on his head it turned into a big food fight we were covered in flour and eggs. When that happened Ashton picked me up spinning me around "DIMPLES STOOOP!" I said laughing "never!" He laughed "please" I said, he put me down his hand were on my waist and my arms around his neck I wiped the flour off his cheek "there we go. Now I can see them" I said referring to his dimples "hey curly" "hey dimples" he leaned down and kissed my soft lips passionately "I love you" he said when we pulled away "I love you too" I said "Annissa I love you so much. You're beautiful, kind, and just wow" I smiled "I love you too Ashton, but were best friends not boyfriend and girlfriend" he smiled "I know, but can we be more that friends please" he said, I nodded "yes" I said he picked me up and spun me around "ANNISSA CHRISTINE BENAVIDEZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" he said spinning me "ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO" I said laughing, he set me down and kissed me again.

That night I got to spend watching a scary movie with my boyfriend Ashton and sleeping with him. Not in that way, but you know what i mean.

A/N: sorry it sucked but I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter! Tomorrow will be chapter 2 or maybe today I will have it up.

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