White Lie

I never understood the concept of a white lie. After all mummy and daddy said no lie, not even white lies should be spread. Then why did they do it themselves?


1. Prologue

Ever since I was a little girl, my parents always told me to never lie. Lying is bad, they said. Lying corrupts and causes evil. But, then what about white lies, I had inquired. They told me that white lies were even worse because if you told a white lie, you would start believing it yourself, and all massive lies come from small lies. So, that's when I made a promise to myself. To never tell a lie, my mummy and daddy did the same thing. So when I asked mummy, where daddy went, mummy said he went to God. But, how can he go to God, and if he could go, when would he return, could I visit him as well.

This made my mother upset, and she even sent to my room. I didn't understand why I was in trouble, and why was my mum telling me a lie. I didn't understand it then, all I knew was that my mother was feeding me with lies. Lies which I believed, such as; daddy is visiting God, if I was bad I would be on the naughty list, if I stole anything I would become a rock. Maybe it was the way my mother told me, but it made me believe in her. I didn't tell any lies for ten whole years, I always confided in my mother even if I knew I would get into trouble.

Since these were only small lies, I didn't think anything of it, my mommy said these were just white lies, and that it was okay at times to spread a white lie. But, if white lies were acceptable, and normal lies weren't, what was the difference?

I told myself it was okay to tell a small white lie, but isn't small white lies where massive lies come from.


  "It's a promise she can't keep, a promise to protect me, and part of me already knows it."

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