Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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21. twenty

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She kissed my cheek.

Life goals.

Ugh, great now I sound like a teenage tumblr girl.

"You kissed my cheek." I whispered hoping she wouldn't hear it as I blushed even harder and touched the area that she pecked on my cheek.

"Um, yeah. I'm your girlfriend, I'm sure I've done that plenty of times." she says with a little sarcasm as she giggles. God her giggles are just so perfect!

"Um about that." I start as she stops giggling and looks at me.

"We've only been dating for two weeks, so I didn't really know that." I lied as she blushed saying, "Oh..."


"So what classes are we in together? Obviously we probably met in a class." she says with a smile. I smile back as I sit next to her on the hospital bed and say, "We just have Music 101 together."

"Nice. Oh shoot! Did we have any assignments to do?" she asks out of worry.

"Nah nothing major. We just needed to find a song and sing in front of the class." I explain as she nods her head.

"Does it have to be a solo?" she asks as I shake my head.

"Either a solo or a duet." I say.

"Have you picked a song?" she asks.

"No, I'm still deciding if I'm doing a solo or a duet." I explain.

"Ooh maybe we can do a duet together!?" she says out of excitement as I smile at her and wrap my arm around her shoulders pulling her closer to me.

She soon wraps her arms around my waist and rests her head on my chest. This only made me smile even more as I said, "Yeah, maybe..."


Chris' POV

I'll face my fear of the evening once I get used to this feeling.

I can't sleep,

That's when you're torn away from me.

While I'm dreaming I feel you leaving.


"Ugh... Why is this band so good?" I asked as Harry and I laid on our backs in the quad. It had been a week since I was released from the hospital, and I was trying to catch up with my boyfriend and friends.


I'll face my fear of the sunrise when I wake up with your hand inside mine.

It's hard to say "good morning" when it's followed with "goodbye".

Just wanted to say "good night".


"It's seems depressing..." says Harry as he looks over with his shades on. He had a toothpick in his mouth, that he got from the cafeteria after we had lunch together. It was nice to be back, but also very awkward. Everywhere I go with Harry, people constantly stare at us like we're a two headed snake.


Our eyes fighting the light,

But I'm not ready to say "good night".

I try and hold on tight cause it's just not time to say "good night".

Say good night.


"I don't care, I love this band and their songs!" I said with excitement as I turned the volume up on my phone. Though, the music soon stopped when Harry reached over and clicked pause.

I put a hand on my chest and wiped away a fake tear, "Bruh, that was PVRIS. How could you turn the music off?"

He then chuckled, but soon stopped as he stared at me and said, "Chris there's something you should-"

Hands covered my eyes as I was consumed by darkness. I yelped and elbowed someone or better yet something. "Ouch my balls..." cried someone as they took their hands off my face.

I looked down to see Louis lying on the floor holding his freshly bruised crotch. Right next to him stood Bea, who didn't bother helping, but instead laughed and gave me a fist bump.

"Sorry Louis, I was on self defense mode." I joked as Harry chuckled. Louis then tried sitting up, but couldn't from the pain, so he lied back down and said, "S'okay..."

"That's revenge for hitting me in the balls on graduation day!" said Harry as Louis rolled his eyes and scoffed.

"That was so funny." said Bea as she sat down next to me.

"No it wasn't." pouted Louis.

"You're right..." she said as Louis said, "Thank you-"

"It was hilarious!" continued Bea as Louis said, "Fuck you."

"Maybe later babe." said Bea as Harry and I got disgusted, while Louis and Bea winked at each other.

"Too much fucking information girl." I said as I shook my head in disapproval.

"Seriously..." agreed Harry as Louis rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever."

"You mean swag ever!" I said as Bea agreed and shouted, "Yes!"

"I have the weirdest friends ever." said Louis as we all stared at him with dumbfounded 'really bitch?'faces.

Bea then sighed and took out her phone, she then told us all to smile. We all did as told and her phone soon let out a flash. She then shows me the picture, which was really cute.

"I'm posting this on Instagram." she says as we nod in approval.

Once she posts it I feel a slight vibration and unlock my phone to like and comment under the picture.

BumbleBea lovely day with the besties @HarryStyles @ChrisJones and side hoe @louist91 Xx

louist91 did u just call me a fuckin side hoe???

BumbleBea yass bitch yass @louist91

HarryStyles speakin of side hoes, where's mine??? @ChrisJones

ChrisJones i aint no side hoe bitch @HarryStyles

HarryStyles ur rite, ur my sunshine @ChrisJones

ChrisJones no thats @niallhoran

niallhoran thx Chris :D

HarryStyles then what am i??? @ChrisJones

ChrisJones ur a narwhal @HarryStyles

HarryStyles -.- @ChrisJones

ChrisJones *innocent angel face* @HarryStyles

HarryStyles more like devil face... @ChrisJones

ChrisJones no, just no bruh @HarryStyles

louist91 bro

ChrisJones huh?

niazkilam bro @louist91

louist91 BRO! @niazkilam

niazkilam bro @louist91

BumbleBea unbelievable... he doesnt even tag zayn and yet zayn knows when to do the bro code like tf

louist91 ur just jelly of my love life with @niazkilam

niazkilam what love life? ^

BumbleBea hahahaha @louist91

louist91 how cud u forget about out anniversary zayn?? *fake cries* @niazkilam

niazkilam bro we have no love life, my love life is with liam #ziamsquad haha

fakeliampayne dont drag me into this... IM STRAIGHT BY THE WAY! @niazkilam

louist91 hahahaha ^^

"We are not a couple!" shouted Liam as everyone looked up from their phones. Wow, when did the rest of the group get here?

"I don't know I kind of ship it..." said Macy as I realized she was sitting next to me.

"Zayn totally loves me!" squealed Louis as Bea smacked the back of his head as she said, "What am I chopped liver?"

"In bed probably..." mumbled Zayn as Bea and Louis both smacked his shoulders.


A/N This was more of a filter chapter so I apologize if it's not good. Other than that, how are y'all? Hopefully happy and good. :)

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