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24. twenty three

A/N This song was one of my favorites out of the Eurovision song contest. For those who don't know what that is, it's a song competition between a bunch of countries worldwide. My country was Armenia, but other than my country's song I really enjoyed Estonia's and Belgium's. The song I'm using is Estonia's for this chapter.






"No, he's right. I'm nothing, but an absolute mess." I explained as I sighed and leaned back on the bed. Macy then walked over to me and sat next to me as she wrapped her arms around my shoulder and said, "No, you're not. You're just heartbroken. But deep down there's that beautiful girl that we love and befriend."

Jasper coughs and says, "That Macy loves and befriends, I'm just considering you as a side hoe..."

I laughed at that and threw pillow at him, making him fall off his chair. He then stands up and says, "What are you doing next week?"

"What's next week?" I ask.

"Duh, it's Thanksgiving!" he cheers with hand gestures.

"I'm hanging with my family." I explain as he nods and Macy smiles.

"Hey, you'll be out of here for a week, relaxing and spending time with your mom and sister!" she says as I smile at the thought of that.

"Yeah..." I say as she starts pinching her nose closed. She then stands up and says, "But not like this. You need to shower... Ooh make that three showers.Oh and you need to brush your hair and teeth. Shave your legs and-" I cut her off saying, "Okay, I got it! I look like a homeless..."

"A homeless, who got run over by a truck..." said Jasper as I stood up and walked over to him in my pajama shorts and black tank top. I then raise my arms and breathe against his face. His eyes roll up and he soon faints, falling to the ground.

"I know he's my boyfriend, but nice one." said Macy as we fist bumped.


Chris' POV

It's been a week since the chat with my friends back at my dorm. The past week I did attend classes, but Harry didn't. I didn't bother asking what happened with him. I stayed away from the other boys and Bea, although that didn't work out. I still ended up having lunch with them, and going shopping with Bea.

I sigh as the subway stops, and I look up to see it's my stop. I grab my duffel bag and fix my beanie as I wait for the automatic doors to slide open for me to exit. As I walk out of the underground vehicle, I look around to notice a few teenagers playing violins under some music. Across from them was a homeless guy who would sit and beg people for money as people tossed in a quarter or two into his Starbucks coffee cup. I felt bad knowing how hard it is to earn money these days, so I grabbed a forty from my wallet and gave a twenty to the teens, and the other twenty to the homeless man, who smiled and said, "Bless you girl. You have such a kind heart."

The old me wouldn't have bothered giving the money, thinking that I earned it and should keep it to myself. This new me was great. I was much more generous and kind, and I no longer cared for my needs, especially since I have everything that I need at the moment.

I gratefully smiled back as a thank you and headed for the stairs that lead me to the city streets. I felt a cool breeze and felt my body shiver from the lack of heat. I zipped up my jacket and began walking towards the familiar streets of my neighborhood.

I ended up passing by the small alley near the park I used to play at as a child. As a teenager I used to sell my products to others in that same alley. I would sell cigarettes, candy, condoms, and a bunch of other crap except for drugs. 

I soon make a sharp turn at the corner and see the old apartment building I have been living in since my father left my family and I. I smile as I realize I would be seeing my sister and mother. I hold my bag tighter to me and make a sprint to the front doors. I soon open the lobby doors and am greeted by the lobby manager Robert. He was a pretty chill man who would let me get away with everything.

"Why isn't it little- wait no! Ms. Jones." he said as I smiled and did our signature hand shake. I then gave him a side hug and said, "How ya doing?"

He smiled and said, "I'm doing great, how about yourself?"

"Same, I came for the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving." I explained as he nodded his head and soon let me off to the apartment building. I head over to the black iron made elevator doors and open it. I step inside and close the gates behind me as I click the fifth floor button and head up.

My floor soon came up and I walked out of the elevator and sprinted for my apartment door as I unlocked the doors and stepped in saying, "Satan's home!"

My eyes soon widened but was immediately flaming with anger when I saw an unexpected guest. He was sitting on our small sofa with this duffel bag next to him as he sat there quietly.



Harry POV

She walked in all excited and happy, making me realize that she might be over me. Or maybe she's trying to hide her pain?

Though, once her eyes landed on me her face fueled with anger, and I could actually see the smoke coming out of her ears. Her mother then walked in smiling and saying, "Honey you're here!"

She hugged her mother, but didn't take her angry brown eyes off of me. I just smirked and walked over to her as they broke the hug. I then draped my arm around her shoulder and said, "I got to come a little earlier than I thought, and was able to help your mom out."

"Oh please Harry, call me Elina. You're practically a son to me." she said as I smiled and thanked her. As her mother walked back to the kitchen to finish her dishes, I felt a sharp pain in my gut and realized that Chris elbowed me there.

"What are you doing here?!" she whisper-yelled as I held my gut tightly and took in sharp breaths.

"I wanted to make up for everything." I said as she rolled her eyes and walked away.

I started to follow her and realized she was heading to her room. As she walked in, she slammed the door in my face as I sighed and sat on the floor. What am I going to do?

"Harry?" I looked up to see Chris' younger sister staring at me with confusion. Her family didn't know about our situation and I was hoping I could fix my relationship with Chris.

"Yeah?" I asked with sadness evident in my voice. Her little sister then sat next to me and asked, "What's wrong? And don't bother lying, I might be young, but I'm no idiot."

I sighed as I looked at her and said, "You think we can talk about it somewhere private though. I'm worried your sister will just get mad." I explained as she nodded her head and stood up. I also stood up as she gestured me to follow her.

"Mom make some hot chocolate, there's lot of Dr. Fix It Up happening tonight!" she shouted as her mom replied, "Okay."


Her eyes widened as her jawed dropped and she said, "Holy shit!"

I nodded my head and said, "Yeah, I know I was stupid to-"

"Your relationship is like a freaking romance novel! Or no a fan fiction! A really well written one at that too..." she said as my eyes widened at her.

"I never expected you to read fan fiction..." I said a little shocked. Chris and her sister aren't really mainstream. They don't listen to hip hop or pop. They're both into alternative punk music, where the bands and singers have piercings, long dyed hair that's shaved on the side, and have tattoos.

"Are you kidding me? What else would I read? That's where I get my smut stories about my favorite artists!" she admits as I scrunch my nose in disgust.

"Smut? Really?" I asked her as she rolled her eyes and said, "I'm a teenager, who's going to get horny and-"

I raised my hands in defense saying, "Ah! Okay I get it!"

"Wimp." she said with a chuckle as I grabbed my mug and drank my hot chocolate.

I then look at my watch and my eyes widened as I said, "It's already 6 in the morning!"

"Whoa, we stayed up that late?" she asked as I nodded my head.

"WOOHOO we did and all nighter!" she cheered as I shushed her and said, "Wouldn't want to wake the entire building up now."

She nodded her head as she asked, "So what do we do about Chris?"


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