Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
Will update after receiving a few votes and comments.


22. twenty one

A/N Sorry for the late update you guys. I haven't been doing so well in school, so I need to bring my grades up. Also I'm really sick at the moment so I apologize if some stuff don't make sense in the story. When I'm sick I look and act like a drunk person, so right now everything is dizzy for me.


ChrisJones no, just no bruh @HarryStyles

louist91 bro

ChrisJones huh?

niazkilam bro @louist91

louist91 BRO! @niazkilam

niazkilam bro @louist91

BumbleBea unbelievable... he doesnt even tag zayn and yet zayn knows when to do the bro code like tf

louist91 ur just jelly of my love life with @niazkilam

niazkilam what love life? ^

BumbleBea hahahaha @louist91

louist91 how cud u forget about out anniversary zayn?? *fake cries* @niazkilam

niazkilam bro we have no love life, my love life is with liam #ziamsquad haha

fakeliampayne dont drag me into this... IM STRAIGHT BY THE WAY! @niazkilam

louist91 hahahaha ^^

"We are not a couple!" shouted Liam as everyone looked up from their phones. Wow, when did the rest of the group get here?

"I don't know I kind of ship it..." said Macy as I realized she was sitting next to me.

"Zayn totally loves me!" squealed Louis as Bea smacked the back of his head as she said, "What am I chopped liver?"

"In bed probably..." mumbled Zayn as Bea and Louis both smacked his shoulders.


Chris' POV

ChrisJones but why are they the same color as the lips?? @MacyCrazy

MacyCrazy how tf shud ik? i learned it in class 2day

ChrisJones yes bc drama101 teaches the fact that the p.enis tip is the same shade color of a male lips @MacyCrazy

JasperCasper yall talkin bout my big dick? @MacyCrazy

MacyCrazy ew no @JasperCasper

ChrisJones haha yes.... jk

HarryStyles no theyre talkin bout @fakeliampayne 11 inch

fakeliampayne WTF Y WUD U TELL EM THAT??? @HarryStyles

niallhoran hahahahahahaha ^^^ its ok bro

niazkilam bro @niallhoran

louist91 i thought the bro stuff was our thing? @niazkilam #zouis

BumbleBea he dumped u after he realized ur engaged bruh @louist91

niazkilam haha not really but ill go with that ^

louist91 *heart shatters* didnt u feel the burning passion running through ur veins when we did anal @niazkilam

BumbleBea WHEN TF DID YOU DO GAY ANAL? #hot #af

ChrisJones i post a picture of a flower, but the comments are about sexual stuff #wtf

HarryStyles cmon we know ur enjoyin this babe ;)

ChrisJones shaddup @HarryStyles

HarryStyles thatll be u when i kiss u so hard

ChrisJones such a romantic @HarryStyles

HarryStyles but ill make u scream when i shove my dick up ur ass

ChrisJones i spoke too soon...

niazkilam i never did anal with @louist91 @BumbleBea

louist91 rude ass batch

niazkilam i did it with @fakeliampayne haha @louist91

fakeliampayne NO WE DID NOT YOU CRAZY ARSE @niazkilam

louist91 how cud u do this @fakeliampayne??

fakeliampayne im straight and u know it @louist91

louist91 how?? @fakeliampayne

fakeliampayne im into girls, and i HAVE A GF @louist91

ChrisJones aww who??? @fakeliampayne

fakeliampayne her names sophia

ChrisJones #sophiam #otp

niazkilam #zaughty

louist91 wtf @niazkilam

niazkilam its me n my friend naughty boy @louist91

louist91 more like greasy burrito boy

niazkilam why be rude? @louist91

louist91 hes rude to us bruh @niazkilam

niazkilam well he my friend @louist91

louist91 for what six months? psht he cant replace meh @niazkilam

niazkilam remember when u had a life and stopped makin bitchy comments about mine @louist91

louist91 yeah i remember how u were apart of it @niazkilam

ChrisJones stop fighting @niazkilam @louist91 #brosbeforeburritos

I soon felt a warm hand on my thigh and looked up to see Harry sitting next to me, as I sit back on a tree. He smiled at me and handed me cup of hot chocolate from the campus coffee shop. I gladly accepted it and said, "Thanks babe."

He nodded and took a sip of his coffee, and soon he dozed off into thinking. He's been doing this a lot lately. Just dozing off and thinking into depth, where I have to smack him with a pillow to get his attention.

"Something on your mind lately?" I asked as he brought his attention to me and sighed.

"Nah, but I have a song for our duet." said Harry as I smiled and asked, "Really? What song?"

“It's a surprise..." he says as I pout and take a sip of my hot chocolate. It was a bit windy out today, so I tugged down my sweater's sleeves and rested my head on Harry's shoulder.

"So Thanksgiving is coming up..." I mention as Harry intertwines our fingers together and rests it on the cool grass. He kisses my head and says, "Yeah..."

"What are your plans?" I asked him.

"Can't head back home, my family is helping form some fundraiser down at Africa for a family friend..." he explains as I remember the text I got from my mom.


Mom ask him to join us if hes''free

Me im pretty sure he's busy ma

Mom just ask


I stopped slouching and sat straight as I look straight into his emerald green eyes. I opened my mouth and said, "Want to join my family and I on Thanksgiving?"

He thinks for a moment and says, "I don't want to intrude or any-"

I interrupt him saying, "Nah it's cool."

"Alright then. I would love to join you and your family for Thanksgiving this year." he says as I smile and say, "Awesome I'll let my mom know."

"So can I ask you something?" asks Harry as I look at him a bit confused. I nod at his question and wait for him to speak.

"I hope you don't mind, but what happened to your father?"

My body stiffened at the question, but I realized that I should be honest with my boyfriend for he is always honest with me. I sigh and tug a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"The last time I saw him, I was probably around five years old. My parents were young and happy, but something stirred between them, leading to the day my dad left us..." I start off as I gulp this lump in my throat.

"My mom told me that he wasn't being good so he went somewhere. I later realized that he left us for good, but not because he was being bad or anything...

"I grew older and asked my mom what happened to him... It turned out he was having an affair with some woman from his workplace." I finished as Harry looked sorry and bad for asking. I then sigh and say, "Don't do that..."

"Do what?" he asked with confusion.

"That look! Don't give me sympathy or anything..." I say as I start to run circles on the back of his hand.

"No girl should ever experience what you did." he says as I look up. But I was shocked when our lips touched and I felt a safe, but tingling feeling inside of me. It was like a fire was ignited inside of me, and I was soon wrapping my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist, pulling my body closer to his.

We soon broke apart as I looked at him and said, "I love you..."


A/N WELL DAMN CHRIS! LEAVE SOME HARRY FOR ME! Anyways chappie, yay or nay?

Btw what's your opinion on zaughty and louis tweets? My opinion, all of them were stupid to start this fight. It was an immature move, and it sucked that Naughty Boy said shitty things about Louis' voice as Zayn did nothing, but write that mean tweet. They could've ignored each other and kept their opinions to themselves. I did not pick a side for this dilemma nor do I plan on it. I still love Zayn the four boys, and will continue writing for them. One tweet shouldn't effect your opinion on someone. That's like saying you love chocolate, but when everyone goes for vanilla, you change your opinion and go for vanilla. You get what I mean?

Xx TommosFallen_Angel

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