Book 2 for the Social Media Series
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26. twenty five

A/N So it's Saturday at 10pm at night, and me being the lovely weirdo that I am, have decided to update, while family sleeps peacefully. I also just finished watching The Duff movie, which was pretty good, but had a lot of awkward scenes. Lmao

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Oh I also realized that I never mentioned what Chris' sister's name was. It's mentioned in the story.


"Hey Chris, miss me?" said the person that I haven't seen in the last five years. My eyes were so wide from shock, but I soon hugged him like there was no tomorrow.

"Honey, who is it?" shouted my mom.

"An old friend." I whispered back as I smiled.

"Who's this?" asked Harry as he stood behind me with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Who's you?" asked my old friend Robbie. I took a step back allowing Robbie into the room and turned to Harry to introduce them both. I cleared my throat and said, "Harry, this is Robbie my childhood friend. Robbie, this is Harry my..."

"Her boyfriend." stated Harry as he realized I didn't know how to label him. Robbie's eyebrows raised in surprise and he soon smiled as he gave his hand out to shake with Harry's. I sighed and was about to close the front door when a foot, wearing red high heels came in the way.

"Oh shit! Sorry." I apologized as I opened the door to see a girl around my age. She smiled kindly at me and I returned one back.

"Oh that's right... um Chris this is my girlfriend Regina." introduced Robbie as I smiled.

"Nice to meet you." I said as she replied, "You too!"

"Robbie! So glad you could make it! And you've brought a beautiful girl with you!" said my mom as she wiped her hands on a towel and hugged the adorable couple. Harry then stood by my side and closed the door as he said, "That could be us again."

I looked at him in surprise as my lips parted. He looked into my eyes and kindly said, "But that's only if you want it that way."


Chris' POV

Dinner was surprisingly peaceful and nice. A few jokes were shared here and there, Regina and I got along really well, and Harry hasn't annoyed me to the point where I want to stab him with my silverware.

"What? No way!" said Regina as I nodded my head and laughed.

"Ugh did you have to tell her that?" asked Robbie as he rolled his eyes and pushed his head back.

"Well can you blame me? It was a really funny day for us." I explain as I take my phone out and show Regina how Robbie was eating his pancakes.

"Oh my God!" she giggled.

"You look like you were trying to seduce someone, and you put that poor pancake in such immense torture." she joked as we fist bumped and laughed.

"Alright cupcakes, the turkey is ready!" said my mom as she walked into the dining room with a perfectly cooked turkey.

"Dibs on the wings!" shouted Robbie and Franky, my little sister, at the same time. They both pouted and crossed their arms as they shouted in each other's faces.

"Nuh-uh it's mine!"

"Hey knuckle heads there's two pieces for a reason." I said with an eye roll as Harry and Regina chuckled.


"Honey could you get that please?" asked my mother as she took a seat and started to pour Coca Cola for everyone.

I run to the door and open it to see my cousin Bo and Jeremy with Uncle Sam and Aunt Caroline, standing there with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

"You made it!" I squealed as we all hugged each other. I then let them in and shut the door, heading back to the dining room where my plate was full of all my favorite meals.

"Thanks mom." I say as I sit and dig in.

"Oh don't thank me, it was all Harry." she said with a smile as I gritted my teeth and stabbed my turkey meat.

"I knew your favorite foods, and decided to help your mum out with the food passing." he said with a cheeky smile.

Well played Styles, well played.

"Let's pray!" says my mum as we all grab each others hands. I grabbed Harry's and Regina's hands, making sure to squeeze the life out of Harry's. He yelped out of pain as everyone stared at him weirdly.  

"I...uh stubbed my toe." he lied as everyone nodded in understanding. Stubbed my toe, my ass.

This is going to be one long dinner.


"So you're telling me Miss Bad Ass over here, worked at a Candy Shop?" asked Robbie as Harry nodded his head and chuckled.

"Wow didn't think you had it in you, Chris." joked Robbie as I gave him the evil eye and said,

"Didn't think I had it in me when I almost burned your nut sack off in Chemistry."

"Oh my God! That was you!" shouted Franky as I gave her a confused look.

"Uh what do you mean?" I asked her.

"You're basically the queen of trouble and pranking at your old high school!" cheered my sister as she looked at me like I was Beyonce.

"Oh, cool..." I shrugged it off as I smirked.

"Not as cool as the time she scared the crap out of me with a water gun." Harry added in as Robbie and Franky both said, "Was it the realistic looking one?"

"Yup." replied Harry as they both nodded their heads.

"Cousin Franky why can't we watch the Duff in your room?" asked my little cousin Jeremy as Bo stood innocently next to him. They are both known as the angels of the family, but they are far from it. They are identical twins with black hair and piercing grey eyes, and they loved causing trouble. Although they can be evil, they were also the type of people who you couldn't stay mad at all the time.

"C'mon Franky they're fifteen, basically just one year younger than you. They can watch it." I explained as I shrugged my shoulders and took a sip of my freshly brewed hot chocolate. Franky then rolled her eyes and huffed as she said, "Fine...

"But just so you know they talk a lot about sex in there." she finished as she pointed at the twins and led them to her room.

"They seem like the mischievous type." says Regina as I nod my head and say, "You have no idea."

"So how long have you and Harry been together?" she asked out of curiosity.

"Um quite some time. Though I just feel like were going downhill." I explain not really mentioning that were not together anymore.

"Well you too make a lovely pair and I hope you stick together." she says with a smile as she takes a bite of her cookie.

My eyes look toward Harry as I watch him laugh and make jokes with Robbie. He was smiling so brightly, where his dimples would sink into his cheeks and perfectly white teeth would show. I felt my heart skip a beat and felt my hands get all warm.

"I hope so too..." I whisper to myself as I look down at my mug.


A/N Three Chapters left I believe if I'm not mistaken. Then I will begin Twitter, which is the third book to my series. I can't wait to start!

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