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13. twelve

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Chris was nowhere to be found, I held onto her, but lost her somehow. "Chris!" I shouted.

I soon started to run the empty streets filled with empty coffee shops and stores. I'm not sure how, but I somehow reached the end of the city's border and saw the green forrest. "Chris!" I continued to shout.

I decided to run into the forrest to find her, but the more I ran deeper into the forest, the more pain I felt on my chest and shoulders. I eventually stopped running to see what the problem was and notice my arms and chest were slowly being wrapped up by a bunch of tree branches and leaves. I tried to break free from them, but that only made the grip tighter on me. Soon my face was being covered with the leaves and I had to stretch my head out just so I can breath, but soon stopped for I was trapped.

My eyes slowly closed, but were opened again, but this time I had nothing trapping me. I looked around to see cherry blossoms everywhere and a stone path. I started walking, following to where the stone path was leading me. The more I walked the more I noticed someting gray in the front of me. I blinked a few times to see that it was a water fountain, but the only problem was that there was no water pouring out of it. It was dry completely and had moss and branches covering up most of it. I soon started to peel the moss and branches off to see a statue of a girl crying with the words 'Solve my mystery' written or carved into her arm.

"What the fuck is-" I was cut off by a feminine voice.

"Harry?" they whispered. I turned around to see Chris standing there in a floral dress with her hair tied back into a straight ponytail. She looked amazing, breathtaking in fact. I slowly walked up to her saying, "What's going on Chris?"

"Help me Harry..." she whispered, not really answering my question.

"Help you with what?" I asked as my eyebrows furrowed.

"My life..." she said. Just like that everything became pitch black and I soon lost her in a branch of trees and leaves.

"No!" I screamed as my eyes opened up from fear and moved my body forward. I looked around to see I was in a hospital bed with a curtain covering it. Is Chris hiding something from me? Did something happen to her in the past? Where is she? What happened?

"She saved me..." I whispered to myself as I laid back down on the bed.


Chris' POV

It was Thursday afternoon and Harry will be checked out in a few hours after they check if anything else needs to be held. The nurse wouldn't really let me visit Harry, which honestly pissed me off and made me want to run to his room. But then I realized that she would knock me out again like last time. About an hour later Zayn showed up and handed me some stuff that I missed from class. Turns out he was in some of my business classes, he then went to get coffee and came back with two.

"He should be up and ready soon." said Zayn, Harry's friend, as he sat next to me and handed me a cup of coffee. I smiled as I gratefully took the warm cup from him and said, "Thanks."

He then nods his head and says, "So tell me about yourself..."

He then takes a nice long sip of his coffee and soon rests his eyes on me. I give him a small nod as I place the cup on the table and face him on the waiting room couch. I start to play with the rings on my fingers and say, "My name's Chris Jones, I love to sing-"

"You sing?" he asks with wide eyes as I nod. Let me finish badboy! You should know by now I have a short temper.

"Can you sing for me?" he asks as my face heats up. I then shake my head no and say, "I'm not that good."

"Oh c'mon I'm pretty sure you're that good." he says with a toothy grin. I then chuckle as he licks his lips and goes for another sip of coffee. I then realize I never drank from my cup and soon reached for the warm liquid. I bring it up to my lips and take a nice small sip, having the warm coffee heat up my cold body immediately.

"Ok so anything else?" he asks looking at me as I shrug and say, "Not much. I have a mother and little sister named Janice."

"What about your dad?" he asks as my entire body and mind freezes. My mind starts to have small flashbacks of when I was just a small child and had my dad with me, taking me to the park, buying me ice cream, watching soccer with me. Then it went to all the bad flashbacks of this horrible memory lane.

I gulped and said, "He's dead."

Zayn's eyes widen and he says, "I'm so sorry-"

"Not like that." I said as he gives me a confused look. I then sigh and say, "He's dead to me."

"Oh..." was all he said. There was soon an awkward silence between us and it seemed like Zayn was deep in thought.

"Anyways tell me about yourself..." I said trying to change the subject for I started to feel uncomfortable with the awkward silence.

 He looked at me as if I just interrupted his thoughts and said, "Oh... um yeah..."

He clears his throat and says, "My name's Zayn Malik, I'm from Bradford, and I love to sing as well and sketch."

I smiled as I said, "Ooh we got an artist in the room!"

His face turned red and he soon said, "Louis, Bea, and Harry told me you were funny, but I didn't know you were so easy going..."

"Easy going?" I asked a bit confused. He takes another sip of his coffee and soon finishes it leaving it on the table as he faces me and says, "Y'know? Carefree, loose, not tight..."

I then nodded and said, "Cool, but you do realize when you said loose and tight you made it sound like my vagina during sexual intercourse."

He then bursts into laughter and said, "I didn't think you'd realize that."

"Oh wow... We got a perv in the room too!" I say as he continues to laugh.

"You should've seen what Bea did to me last year." he said as I got curious and gestured him to continue. He then calmed down from his laughing and said, "I would say that she would be rough in bed and would be a monster, and she started beating me up with her bag."

It was now my turn to burst into laughter for I can actually imagine Bea doing that to Zayn. I was about to ask Zayn a question, but the sound of a phone going off stopped me. He then took out his phone and answered it.

"Vas happening?" he said into the phone. What the fuck? It sounded like he's trying to talk in a Russian accent, but failed miserably.

"Really? Cool just meet up here then." he said last as he hung up. He then looked at me and said, "The other boys and Bea are here to see how Harry's doing."

"I'm still shocked about his situation." he continued as I furrowed my eyebrows and said, "I don't get what happened to him. I wonder who hurt him..."

"Same..." he said, but soon kept quiet as the other boys and Bea entered the room. They all waved at me and gave their 'hellos' as I quickly returned one to them. I then started talking to Bea about what happened and got a text from Jasper and Macy saying they were on their way from class.

Dear Lord,

Please tell me that on their way to the hospital, Macy and Jasper will realize how much they love each other and soon start making out like crazy. I expect twelve kids from them, and for one of them to be named after me.


"Are you praying?" asked a voice. I looked up to see it was Liam and I nodded. "I was praying that my friends would fuck soon."

He gave me a weird look and then rolled his eyes realizing what a weird human being I am.


A/N Number one reason to pray. To help those in need, and for world peace. Number two reason to have your OTP fuck the brains out each other. XD HAHAHAHA

Gosh I'm so weird...

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