Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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4. three

Just when I was about to lose hope I find a candy shop called Lolli and Pops. It had the typical white and red sign that had the words 'We're Hiring' spread across it. I shrug my shoulders and enter the shop to find a bunch of rooms, each one filled different types of candy. There was even a little photobooth where you could take a picture and post it online. There was also a bar where a bunch of kids were sitting and eating candy. I grab a seat at the bar and an employee came up to me. His name tag read Max and I asked him about the job opening.

"Oh yeah, my dad actually owns the shop so if you'd like I can introduce you to him now." he explained as I nodded my head. He then smiled at me and went to grab his dad from the back room, which only employees were allowed to enter. Two minutes later he came back with a man who had a curly ended mustache, but no hair on his head. His name tag read Joey and he looked like he was in his mid forties.

"Hello...." he didn't know my name so I said, "Chris, Chris Jones." I gave him a hand shake as he nodded and sat on a chair.

"Okay here is an application, you'll need to send a resume as well." he explained with hand gestures as I said, "Oh I already have my resume ready."

He nodded his head with a smile and said, "Very well." I hand him my resume and he grabs it. He opens it up and looks through it real quick, he then looks back at me and says, "You have some good experience."

I nod my head as he asks, "Tell me what is your major?"

"Business." I say as his eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

"That's perfect! And how do you feel about just working on Saturdays in the afternoon?" he asked. Well hey I'll still be able to have time for fun so why the heck not?

"Sounds perfect for working hours." I reply.

"Very well. You got the job! Your first shift will start next Saturday. I'll have my son and another employee show you around next time." he says as I smile and thank him. He then stands up and walks away.

"I'll see you next Saturday Chris." said Max as I smiled and waved him goodbye.


Chris' POV

"Well how'd it go?" asked Jasper as Macy and I took our seats next to him.

"It went pretty good. He looked at my resume and asked me a few questions." I explained to him on how I got my new job at Lolli and Pops.

"And the owner has a son around our age?" he asks out of curiousity. I took a sip of my soda as Macy passed me my burger from the red tray. It was Sunday and we decided to have dinner at In N Out and then head over to watch a movie.

"Max? Yeah." I said as he looked at me curiously as he grabbed a french fry and bit into it. I then sigh and say, "Alright spit it out."

His eyes widened at my calm outburst as he said, "Nothing. I just think he made his dad hire you 'cause you're hot."

"Awe! That's like the first time you ever complimented me! In a nonrelated way..." I gushed at him as he rolled his eyes and threw a french fry at me. I caught it with my hand and bit into it with a victorious smirk slapped on my face.

"Yeah, and it'll be the only one you'll get out of me." he says as Macy and I laugh at him. I then get a beep sound come from my phone and see that it's a notification for Instagram.

I unlock my phone and check to see that I was tagged in a photo taken by Macy. It was Jasper and I laughing in the picture, and she had just taken it now. Underneath the picture there was already three thousand and more likes with a bunch of comments. Macy's caption had read.

MacyCrazy about time @JasperCasper and @ChrisJones get along! #friendshipgoals #bffs

I laughed at her caption and decided to start commenting with Jasper.

JasperCasper babe we do get along. aint tht rite @ChrisJones ??

ChrisJones no we dont bro @JasperCasper

JasperCasper @ChrisJones thats not wat u said last nite in bed!

ChrisJones ew wtf dude @JasperCasper

JasperCasper ur rite! i prefer blondes anyway @ChrisJones

ChrisJones i h8 u bish @JasperCasper

JasperCasper h8 u 2 whore @ChrisJones

MacyCrazy and there back 2 normal agin @JasperCasper @ChrisJones

I then put my phone down and take a bite out of my burger with it's amazing island dressing, and hot jalapenos by the side. Once I put my burger down and chew slowly, I swallow it and wipe my mouth with my napkin. I then steal a ketchup cup from Jasper as he almost hit my hand from taking it away. I then stick my tongue out at him as he rolls his eyes and goes back to looking through his phone. I than grab my french fry and double dip in the ketchup so Jasper wouldn't use it.

"Our generation is fucked up." said Macy as both Jasper and I looked at her. I was pretty surprised 'cause Macy was the type of girl, who wouldn't cuss often, only if she was pissed off or drunk. I guess I'm being an influence on her lately, that warms up my heart to be honest.

"What do you mean?" I ask in a confused tone, still a bit taken back from her use of foul language.

"We can't put our phones down for two minutes, we can't stay away from our electronics. It's ridiculous, but also hilarious!" she explains as I nod my head in agreement.

"Well I don't know about you, but this is where I keep the contacts of my special ladies!" says Jasper as he wiggles his eyebrows at us, and shakes his phone between his two fingers.

"Yeah, and by that he means his mom and grandma." I say as Macy bursts out laughing and high fiving me for my joke. Jasper huffs as he crosses his arms and pouts at me. I shrug my shoulders and continue to eat my food. Man I love food.


 "That movie was amazing!" I say as I walk out of the movie theater with Jasper and Macy. When I turn around I see the both of them holding onto each other out of fear as both their bodies were shaking.

"Awe you guys look so cute!" I gushed as they look at their position and immediately moved away from each other out of shock.

"That movie made me scream so loud I think I made some people deaf!" said Macy as I pointed at Jasper and said, "Actually that was Jasper, he nearly blew my right ear off with his high pitched girly scream."

"Hey my scream is not girly! I scream like a man!" he exagerated as I laughed at him. I then grab Macy by the wrist and say, "Well we have to go now! Bye Jas!"

He waves us off as we head our seperate ways. As Macy and I walk back in complete silence I decide to break the ice by asking, "So you and Jas make a cute couple, eh?"

Her eyes widen in shock, but then she covers her shocked expression as she starts laughing like crazy. She then puts a hand over her stomach and another hand was raised up as she says, "Please Chris. Jasper is like a brother for us, he and I will never date."

I shrug my shoulders and then say, "Fine, but if you ever go out on a date with him then I'm making a ship name and I'm making T-shirts."

"No need to waste your time and money on us Chris. Our group is like a family of siblings, who constantly fight over the last word." she says as I nod in agreement.

"Ugh I don't want to go to my music class tomorrow." I complain as Macy looks over at me.

"Is it 'cause of Harry?" she asks. What? He's in my class?

"Shit, I didn't even know he was in my class." I said as she smirks.

"Well I found out that he just transferred into your class." she says as I groan in frustration.

"That kid makes my blood boil." I say as we pass by the campus library.

"He also makes you wet." she jokes as I give her a disgusted 'Are you kidding me?' look.

"What I had to!" she said as I punched her shoulder, and might I add I punched her hard.

"I actually didn't want to go because I don't want to sing." I explain to her.

"Why? Your voice is amazing! I don't even understand why you're going for a business major..." she says as I stare straight ahead.

"'Cause making it into the music business is a risky thing. It's hard to get noticed by people and grow a fandom, and there's a one in a million chance I'll make it in that business." I explain as she listens closely.

"Well I don't care what you think. I think you'd rock as a singer!" she says as I roll my eyes and laugh.

We then finally make it to our dorm room and enter the gigantic building. We pass by the lobby and head over to our room, which was starting to have a stinky smell from the outside. I guess Macy noticed it since her nose cringed in disgust. "You got to clean whatever you're killing in there Chris." she says as I put my hands up in defense and say, "Sorry." with a sheepish smile.

She then opens the door and we enter, but before I could head to bed she looks at me and points to my side of the room (AKA the dark side) and says, "Clean. Now!"

I huff and pout at her as she closes our room door and gets ready for bed. I look back at my side of the room and notice all the piles of dirty clothes and to go food boxes next to it. "This is going to take all night." I complain as I walk over to the dark side.

"Better start now then. And no you can't hide your junk under the bed because I am going to check." shouts Macy from the bathroom as I pout and cross my arms over my chest.


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