Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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14. thirteen

A/N Watching American Horror Story and to be honest that's another thing that helps me write. I don't know why, but I just get the energy to write, while watching the show.


It was now my turn to burst into laughter for I can actually imagine Bea doing that to Zayn. I was about to ask Zayn a question, but the sound of a phone going off stopped me. He then took out his phone and answered it.

"Vas happening?" he said into the phone. What the fuck? It sounded like he's trying to talk in a Russian accent, but failed miserably.

"Really? Cool just meet up here then." he said last as he hung up. He then looked at me and said, "The other boys and Bea are here to see how Harry's doing."

"I'm still shocked about his situation." he continued as I furrowed my eyebrows and said, "I don't get what happened to him. I wonder who hurt him..."

"Same..." he said, but soon kept quiet as the other boys and Bea entered the room. They all waved at me and gave their 'hellos' as I quickly returned one to them. I then started talking to Bea about what happened and got a text from Jasper and Macy saying they were on their way from class.

Dear Lord,

Please tell me that on their way to the hospital, Macy and Jasper will realize how much they love each other and soon start making out like crazy. I expect twelve kids from them, and for one of them to be named after me.


"Are you praying?" asked a voice. I looked up to see it was Liam and I nodded. "I was praying that my friends would fuck soon."

He gave me a weird look and then rolled his eyes realizing what a weird human being I am.


Chris' POV

"I can't wait any longer." I said as I rapidly tapped my foot on the carpet as I bit my fingers out of nervousness. It was one of my bad habits, and it could only be stopped when I put nail polish on. Unfortunately I didn't have any on, so my childhood habits kicked in. My mom used to say that if I didn't stop biting them then earth worms would grow out of them, but I was five when she said that horrible tale.

"He'll be out any second." said Liam as I sighed and stopped biting on my nails.

"You guys make it sound like a baby is being pushed out of the womb..." said Bea as Louis laughed and kissed her cheek. I smiled at their adorable relationship and thought of the time when Harry kept being all flirty and cheeky with me. My eyes then widened as I realized that our bet was almost over.

By tomorrow morning we would find out who won the bet and whether Jasper and Macy will go out with each other. At this moment, I honestly don't care who wins at all. In fact I wouldn't mind giving Harry a chance, but after all the shit that's happened between us I'm pretty sure I'm the last person he wants to see.

I've always been nothing, but trouble. Everywhere I go I bring bad luck to everyone who I love and care about. Like that one time when Macy went to prom and her date ended up ditching her just so he could dance with me. Luckily, I'm a good friend, and beated the shit out of the guy, with the help of Jasper of course, when we saw that he was just using Macy.

Or that one time when Jan and I went to the carnival and ended up getting cotton candy stuck in her hair. There was also that time when my mom ended up getting her period in public when she took me to see her work place.

After all the flashbacks to memory lane, I got a sick twisted feeling in my gut and stood up. Everybody around me looked straight up and gave me a concerned look. I just gulped down the lump feeling in my throat and said, "I'll be uh... right back."

I then speed walked out of the room with my phone in my hand, and headed straight to the restroom. I opened the door and entered a stall closing the door behind me. I grabbed a tissue and lifted the toilet seat up and and bent down on my knees. I couldn't get the sick feeling out, but yet at the same time I needed to throw up. It's like if I throw up, I'll throw up the bad memories, and the bad luck.

I put two fingers in my mouth and pushed it down toward my throat feeling the digested food pile up and towards my mouth. I then hold onto the seat of the toilet and let food come out of me, like water comes out of a hose.

Once done, I put the seat down and flush the toilet. I feel lighter, but at the same time really light headed or dizzy. I then open the stall door and head towards the sink, where I turned the water on and washed my hands and face. I started splashing water on my face and soon looked in the mirror to see my mascara running.

"I'm a mess..." I whispered as my hands turned into fists. I then slammed my fists onto the sink and start hitting my head against the wall.

"Stupid!" I started shouting.

"I'm so fucking stupid!" I continued as I fell down to the floor and cried. I then heard the restroom door open, but didn't care enough to look up.

I then heard a gasp as someone grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "Chris! Oh my God! Are you okay? What happened?"

My eyes were bit a blurry from the tears that streamed down my face, but I soon got my vision back to see it was Bea. I wiped my cheeks from my warm tears and laughed as I said, "I'm a mess."

"We all are." she said like she has been experiencing worse.

"No, you don't get it." I explain.

"I actually do." she says as I rolled my eyes and huffed.

"I swear you're just like Harry." she mutters at the same time I say, "Prove it."

She gives me a bazar look and asks, "Prove what?"

"That you understand the whole 'I'm a mess' problem..." I explain as she nods her head. She then sighs as she sits criss cross on the floor in front of me. She starts to play with her fingers, but then looks up and says, "It all started back in high school..."


A/N This ending would've been considered a cliffhanger, but you guys pretty much know everything about Bea, which honestly makes things funny for me. Anyways comment and vote for another update, and oh for anyone who didn't read the author's note in my last update of "Stockholm Syndrome". I have a new Zayn fanfic coming out called "Switched". I hope you guys check it out as soon as it's published lol.

Social Status Update, basically tomorrow is my birthday and my friends did a surprise lunch party for me today, which was amazing and awesome! To be honest this was probably one of the best birthdays ever for me! I got to spend time with my friends and I got to eat good food. They got me chocolate cake, and barbecue and lime flavored chips. My friends know me so well, haha. Anyways I hope you guys have an amazing day and love you!

Xx TommosFallen_Angel


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