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17. sixteen

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"What time is it?" I asked Macy as she was working on her homework for Psychology class. She looked up and pushed her glasses up a little. Macy hated wearing her glasses, thinking it made her look bad. Though it gives her that nice, smart look that a lot of guys go insane for nowadays.

She cleared her throat as she wrapped her hair into a loose bun and says, "It's 8:15."

I nodded my head and acted chill, but I'm really nervous about the time. Where's Harry? Did something happen to him? He'll be here, just don't stress too much about it.


8:45 and Harry is a no show, which honestly made me sad. Macy noticed my sullen look earlier and made me a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, knowing it would make me feel better. She then told me that everything is going to get better. I told her I was fine, and to go to sleep.

She now lay comfortably asleep in her bed as freshly made tears started streaming down my face. I sighed and went under my duvet. I plugged my phone to its charger and turned my lamp off. I then closed my eyes and let the darkness take over.

I didn't care if I wasn't in my pajamas, I didn't care if my makeup would smudge onto my white sheets and pillow cases

. I no longer cared for anything...


Chris' POV

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I was too tired and lazy to get up to open the door, so instead I grabbed the nearest object and threw it towards Macy. I know that I had a whole nights worth of sleep, but it was as if I had never gone to sleep. I can still feel where my tears ran down on my cheeks as I slept last night. I had a stuffy nose, and I was growing a headache.

"Ow! Fuck!" shouted Macy as I opened my eyes with a groaning sound leaving my lips. I looked over at her bed to see the duvet on the floor and Macy sitting with her legs spread apart as she rubs her head. She then looks at me and narrows her eyes as she looks at the object next to her and picks it up.

"Your alarm clock? Really?" she asked as I sheepishly smiled. She then rolls her eyes and groans as she hears the knocking sound. She opens the door slowly as I hid myself under the duvet. God, I hope it's not Styles... I have officially decided to call him Styles again, since I've lost respect for him. Who the hell doesn't show up for a date nowadways? That's so freaking 90s.

I hold my breath from my nervousness as I wrap the duvet around me tighter. My breath is soon hitched when I hear his raspy voice speak. "Macy can I see her? Please?" he asked as Macy put a hand on her hip. The small crack that I made for breathing also allowed me to see what was happening.

Macy just stood there in her pajama shorts and her Fangirl T-shirt that I made for her when we were in high school. I remember how obsessed Macy was over Rainbow Rowell books so it was fun making the shirt for her.

Macy then sighs and for a second I thought she would let him in, but instead she shakes her head and says, "Sorry Harry, she just left for work."

It was Harry's turn to shake his head and say, "I found out she quit the candy shop."

Macy gulped the lump in her throat and said, "Not that work."

Harry then looked at her seriously as he asked, "She went back to selling stuff to strangers?"

Macy just nodded and said, "She's probably at the east campus gym."

He then looked at her skeptically and left without saying another word. Macy closes the door and I sigh as relief washes over me. I then come out from underneath  the duvet and rub my eyes. I look over at Macy to see her standing and staring at me with her hands on her hips. 

"Thank you Macy-" she cut me off as she said, "You're welcome, but I just lied Chris."

I immediately jumped out of bed and said, "Oh my God! My little angel finally did something bad!"

She then rolled her eyes and walked to the bathroom locking the door after herself. I then went back onto my bed and take a deep breath as the smell of my perfume and shampoo were on the pillow case. Apples and cinnamon, my favorite smell.

The bathroom door is then opened by Macy and she walks out as she brushes her teeth and unties her hair from its tangled ponytail. She then takes the brush out of her mouth and says, "So are you going to talk to him?"

I chuckle, but not in a nice way almost like a scoff, as I say, "No, I have nothing to say to him."

She then shrugs her shoulders and says, "Normally I'd force you to talk to him, but after what he did I think you'll need a break from him."

I nodded my head in agreement and got out of bed, shaking my hair to make it into that cute messy style. I then put on my converse and cap with a hoodie over myself. I pulled the hoodie over my head and grabbed the car keys. I shouted, "Borrowing the van Macy be back in a few hours."

She then shouted back saying, "Okay! Try not to drive into a flowershop again!"

I then grabbed my phone and my watergun that looks like a real gun. I hid it underneath my hoodie and walked out of the dormrooms.

The parking lot was empty except for a white Range Rover and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and obviously the van. I run straight to the van and unlock the door, entering and buckling my seatbelt on. It was pretty stuffy and warm in the van so I rolled down my window and sighed.

"Boo!" shouted a raspy voice as I screamed and covered my eyes. I then opened it to see Harry standing there with a worried look.

"Can we talk?" he asks.


"How did you know I was still here?"

"Macy's great at acting, but not that great..."

"We need to talk."

"No, we don't."

"C'mon Chri-"

"I said no! Now get out of the parking lot!"


"Get out!" I shout as I take out the water gun. Harry's eyes widen and he takes a couple steps back with his hands raised up in surrender.

"Is that real?" he asked as he swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Psht... no. It's a water gun." I explain as he sighs, but before he takes another step, I roll the windows up and start the engine.


A/N I still can't believe that Zayn left the band and still hasn't explained or tweeted to anyone. We deserved more than just a Facebook post. Also I'm upset that Zayn made the fans feel bad, making us think that he left 'cause of the rumors we started and shit. When really he was planning this for a long ass time. I still support him and love him, but I'm just so disappointed in him. He made his four best friends (brothers) and millions of people cry. Does he even know about the suicide and cutting situation he started? Does he know that Naughty Boy has been teasing the fans? Did he completely forget about the bro code with Louis?

I don't know, I'm just so done with this shit. But don't worry for any fans who are reading Switched. I will continue updating that story, and I'm just going to pretend that he never left the band as I write that book.

Other than that, how was this chapter update?

Xx TommosFallen_Angel


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