Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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8. seven

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Once Bea and Louis left, Harry and I stayed at the theater so we could talk about the bet.

"So what picture do we post?" I ask as he thinks.

"It should be something, that obivously people wouldn't question about." he says as I nod. Never in my life would I have thought I would have a conversation about what picture I should put up.

"Why not a picture of the two of us?" he asks as I give him a weird look.

"C'mon just think about it. Nobody will get suspicious that we're competing for their likes, and people would think were friends." he says as I think. Doesn't sound like a bad idea.

"Okay, but for the captions we just say that we hanged out as friends. Got it?" I emphasized on friends 'cause knowing Harry he would just make it look like we're an item. He then sighs and gives me his hand to shake. I spit on mine and shake hands with him as he gives me a disgusted look.

"Hey you asked for it." I joked as he wiped his hand on his shirt.

"I didn't actually." was all he said, as I laughed at his reaction. Yet boys say that girls are too scared and strict.

After the agreement we both take a picture together and decide to post it online at exactly eight pm tonight. The bet will be finished by next Sunday, and whoever gets the most likes wins the bet.

Let the games begin!


Chris' POV

 I sighed and put the keys in my doorknob as I twisted it open and entered, but right when I stepped inside I was tackled onto the floor. My eyes were closed and I opened them as I groaned and saw both Jasper and Macy pinning me down to the floor.

"You did the bet?!" she shouted with shock.

What the heck? You knew about it Macy! "What? You knew about it." I said as she huffed and said, "I didn't think you would actually do it!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... Macy knew about this, but I didn't?" asked Jasper as he used hand gestures and pouted. I sheepishly smiled at him as he rolled his eyes and pouted.

"Sorry Jas, but I didn't think you'd care." I explained as he looked up and grinnned. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yeah, guess you're right."

He then gave me a devilish grin and shouted, "I'm betting on Harry! Chris is going to get her ass kicked!"

Macy's eyes then widened as she yelled, "No! Chris always wins, she's amazing at what she does!"

"Ain't that the truth..." I say with an eye roll. As the two continue to bicker I get off from the floor and close the door. I then walk over to my bed and lie down, taking my phone out while at it. I turn it on and see the hundred's of notifications from my account. I tap on the app icon and go to my notifications to see people commenting as well.

Liz_Green omg he's so hot!

KyleGCube ur bf? hopin ur single

MacyCrazy @HarryStyles and you are my OTP but the #brosbeforehoes still applies even tho were girls

JasperCasper im just waiting for harry to win so they can date, and he can fuck her brains out and they can make babies @MacyCrazy @HarryStyles #hris

HarryStyles dont like the ship name but a 100 babies cummin rite up @JasperCasper

JasperCasper woohoo imma be a uncle

My eyes widened at their conversation and I soon replied saying.

ChrisJones hell no... my vagina isnt big enough for 100 babies, and its clearly not meant for harry's dick #sorrynotsorry @HarryStyles @MacyCrazy @JasperCasper

HarryStyles well at least we know shes tight

Oh God, I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch. "Hey why are you guys shipping Harry and I?" I shouted as Jasper and Macy stopped their arguing and looked at me.

"'Cause you guys make a cute couple." said Macy as Jasper said, "'Cause I'm 18 and I'm not going to stay young forever so it's about time you get hitched and have kids."

I then started laughing and said, "And who says you're going to be the uncle?"

"Harry." he answered as he pointed at a picture of Harry he had on his phone.

"Why do you have a picture of Harry on your phone?" asked Macy as she gave Jasper a creeped out look.

"Honey I know I'm straight, but I'd  turn gay just for him." he said as my eyes widened and my jaw dropped open.

"Okay..." I said trying to change the subject.

"Have you guys decided who you're rooting for in my bet?" I asked quickly.

Macy sighs and says, "No, not yet."

I then smile as I grab my laptop and open it up. I open up Microsoft Word and start typing up a contract for both Macy and Jasper to sign. It's about time I do something for them, but first I need Harry's permission. As Microsoft Word opens up I unlock my phone again and go onto my DMs on Instagram. I click on the plus sign and put in Harry's account for the conversation with a picture of my laptop on my bed.

ChrisJones hello styles

HarryStyles hi... what do u want?

ChrisJones *gasps* wat cant a friend just say hello?

HarryStyles not unless they want something...

ChrisJones ok ok ur rite gosh!

HarryStyles ok so what do ya need??

ChrisJones my friends are makin a bet about who would win our bet and i decided to make a contract

HarryStyles nice, so wat happens to loser

ChrisJones ok so if u win jasper will ask out macy and if i win macy will earn fifty bucks from jasper

HarryStyles how do u know jasper even wants to go out with macy?

ChrisJones i might have overheard a conversation he had with his sister a while back

HarryStyles ok an what if macy doesn't want to go out with him?

ChrisJones UGH STOP WITH THE 'WHAT IFS' AND JUST BE HAPPY U BAFOON! and ik she'll want it bc everytime i mention them together she starts acting awkward and begins to blush

HarryStyles ok then go ahead and do the bet

ChrisJones ok but if jasper wins then that means u win, which means double date

HarryStyles feelin like ur gonna lose already babe?

ChrisJones hell no, and either way i'll get #jacy to happen with or without u MWUAHAHAHAHA

HarryStyles well played

ChrisJones ikr

I then get off Instagram and start to type up and finish the contract for both Macy and Jasper to sign. I'll just pretend it's a petition or project for class and then when my bet with Harry is over I'll tell them about the contract.

Mission Jacy is on the go. I finally finish the last sentence of the contract and print it out of the wireless printer. I then get off my bed and grab the paper with two pens from desk.

"Macy, Jasper come over here I need you guys!" I say as they both get off the floor and walk up to me. Macy puts a hand on her hip, while Jasper stuffs his hands in his pockets. I try to hide my smile from appearing and say, "I'm doing a petition for one of my classes and need a few signatures."

They both look at each other but suspect nothing, which is perfect for my plan. Jasper then comes and grabs the paper from my hand and signs it without giving a second look at it. He then hands it to Macy, who eyes me suspiciously but then shrugs her shoulders as she signs away.

She then hands it back to me, and her and Jasper head out. "Where you guys going?" I ask.

"To grab a bite want to join?" she says as Jasper puts on his jacket. I shake my head and smile as she nods and grabs her stuff.

Once they leave I smile and hide the contract someplace no one will ever find it. Someplace that no one even knows exists.

My song journal.


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