Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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15. fourteen

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I then speed walked out of the room with my phone in my hand, and headed straight to the restroom. I opened the door and entered a stall closing the door behind me. I grabbed a tissue and lifted the toilet seat up and and bent down on my knees. I couldn't get the sick feeling out, but yet at the same time I needed to throw up. It's like if I throw up, I'll throw up the bad memories, and the bad luck.

I put two fingers in my mouth and pushed it down toward my throat feeling the digested food pile up and towards my mouth. I then hold onto the seat of the toilet and let food come out of me, like water comes out of a hose.

Once done, I put the seat down and flush the toilet. I feel lighter, but at the same time really light headed or dizzy. I then open the stall door and head towards the sink, where I turned the water on and washed my hands and face. I started splashing water on my face and soon looked in the mirror to see my mascara running.

"I'm a mess..." I whispered as my hands turned into fists. I then slammed my fists onto the sink and start hitting my head against the wall.

"Stupid!" I started shouting.

"I'm so fucking stupid!" I continued as I fell down to the floor and cried. I then heard the restroom door open, but didn't care enough to look up.

I then heard a gasp as someone grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "Chris! Oh my God! Are you okay? What happened?"

My eyes were bit a blurry from the tears that streamed down my face, but I soon got my vision back to see it was Bea. I wiped my cheeks from my warm tears and laughed as I said, "I'm a mess."

"We all are." she said like she has been experiencing worse.

"No, you don't get it." I explain.

"I actually do." she says as I rolled my eyes and huffed.

"I swear you're just like Harry." she mutters at the same time I say, "Prove it."

She gives me a bazar look and asks, "Prove what?"

"That you understand the whole 'I'm a mess' problem..." I explain as she nods her head. She then sighs as she sits criss cross on the floor in front of me. She starts to play with her fingers, but then looks up and says, "It all started back in high school..."


Chris' POV

It was Friday afterschool, and ever since yesterdays episode of My Fucked Up Life, I haven't really talked to anyone. I called and told Macy and Jasper that I left the hospital because of some other emergency, I didn't even go back to the waiting room. I honestly felt sick to my stomach and couldn't go back in after what happened.

I had also decided to quit my job, so I wouldn't see Harry anymore. I had already caused him enough trouble, and to be honest I think it's best if I stay away from him. I haven't checked my phone all morning, but I know I probably have a thousand instagram notifications and probably some text messages from Macy or Jasper. I had awakened before Macy, and got out before she would wake up, and I didn't really meet up with Jasper for any coffee like we sometimes do.

Right now I was sitting criss cross by the fountain tossing coins in there as a bunch of pigeons walked around me, looking for food off the floor. My iPod was in my pocket, and my earpods were in my ears, as I focused my mind to the lyrics of the music. It was playing The Only Reason by 5 Seconds Of Summer, which honestly was helping me relax.

Don't talk, let me think it over
How we gonna fix this?
How we gonna undo all the pain?
Tell me, is it even worth it?
Looking for a straight line
Taking back the time we can't replace

All the crossed wires,
Just making us tired
Is it too late to bring us back to life?

When I close my eyes and try to sleep
I fall apart, I find it hard to breathe
You're the reason, the only reason
Even though my dizzy head is numb,
I swear my heart is never giving up
You're the reason, the only reason

I feel you burning under my skin
I swear I see you shining
Brighter than the flame inside your eyes

Bitter words spoken,
Everything broken
It's never too late to bring us back to life...

My right earpod was yanked out of my ear by gentle tug, making me look to the side to see Zayn smiling at me and sitting down criss cross. He had a on a black sweater with his ears wearing black earrings and a few bracelets scattered on his wrist. His hair was styled up and the sunlight was hitting his face, making his eyes look lighter to more of a golden color.

"Penny for your thoughts?" he asked as I blinked and shrugged.

He then sighs and says, "Harry wants to see you."

"Then he should come look for me." I say as I toss another penny into the fountain.

"He didn't get out of the hospital." he says as he looks away. My eyes widened at what he said and I asked, "How come?"

"Right when he got out of bed he felt a bad pain in his side, and according to the nurses he had a broken rib, which he needed to rest on." he explains as I nod my head. I then sigh out of frustration as I chuck a bunch of coins into the fountain.

"This is all my fault..." I was cut off as Zayn says, "No, it isn't. Stop being so hard on yourself."

"No, but if only I gave him the chance to explain what happened rather than being stubborn, then none of this would've happened." I explain as Zayn shakes his head and says, "Stop making yourself the bad guy Chris. The boy looks up at you like your a hero."

"But I'm not..." I whisper to myself as I look down to the floor. A strand of hair fell on my face and I grabbed it, making it pull back behind my ear.

"You're right. You're not." he says as I close my eyes shut and take in a deep breath.

"You're better than that." he continues as my eyes open widely and I breathe out. He then stands up and grabs my phone from my bag, tossing it to me. I quickly grab it and look up at him to hear an explanation.

"I get that you're not in the perfect position, but so isn't Harry. He really needs you Chris." he explains as he nods his head and walks away. I then sigh and look down at my phone to see it light up right when I click the home button. Like I predicted I had a bunch of notifications from instagram, and a couple of texts from Macy and Jasper.

I text them back quickly explaining how I decided to go out earlier then usual, which wasn't really a lie if you think about it. After that I go on instagram to see people liking old pics and commenting like crazy. I then look to see I have a DM and click on it.

It was from Harry and it was a picture of me paying attention in class as our Professor spoke. Underneath he captioned something, that made me smile and feel better.

HarryStyles u have such natural beauty. be proud of who u are

I immediately comment underneath it saying.

ChrisJones thank u H. that means a lot coming from u.

He immediately replies back saying.

HarryStyles u know today was the day

ChrisJones i know

HarryStyles i understand if u want to cancel it

ChrisJones Harry?

HarryStyles yeah?

ChrisJones i'll go out with u either way

HarryStyles really? u aint playing with me right?


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