Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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5. four

"What I had to!" she said as I punched her shoulder, and might I add I punched her hard.

"I actually didn't want to go because I don't want to sing." I explain to her.

"Why? Your voice is amazing! I don't even understand why you're going for a business major..." she says as I stare straight ahead.

"'Cause making it into the music business is a risky thing. It's hard to get noticed by people and grow a fandom, and there's a one in a million chance I'll make it in that business." I explain as she listens closely.

"Well I don't care what you think. I think you'd rock as a singer!" she says as I roll my eyes and laugh.

We then finally make it to our dorm room and enter the gigantic building. We pass by the lobby and head over to our room, which was starting to have a stinky smell from the outside. I guess Macy noticed it since her nose cringed in disgust. "You got to clean whatever you're killing in there Chris." she says as I put my hands up in defense and say, "Sorry." with a sheepish smile.

She then opens the door and we enter, but before I could head to bed she looks at me and points to my side of the room (AKA the dark side) and says, "Clean. Now!"

I huff and pout at her as she closes our room door and gets ready for bed. I look back at my side of the room and notice all the piles of dirty clothes and to go food boxes next to it. "This is going to take all night." I complain as I walk over to the dark side.

"Better start now then. And no you can't hide your junk under the bed because I am going to check." shouts Macy from the bathroom as I pout and cross my arms over my chest.


Chris' POV

The time had come for me today. The time that I was dreading and hoping it wouldn't had come.

Music 101.

I groaned as I slid my bag onto my shoulder and walked into the big room, filled with chairs and instruments. The professor hadn't arrived yet, so I walked all the way in the back of the classroom and took a seat. I then take out one of my books and open to pretend I was reading when really I was hiding my face hoping Styles wouldn't notice me.

Just my luck, my bad luck, he comes and sits right next to me with that stupid smirk slapped across his face. I roll my eyes and groan as I hit myself in the stomach hoping I would injure myself and be excused from class. Instead I wasn't effected at all and ended up falling off my chair with Styles laughing at what I had done.

More students filed into the classroom and soon the professor had entered. She explained how we need to write notes for this semester, and that we need to memorize them. She then told us how she wanted to us work on our singing, which will have to show at the end of the semester.

"Alright that's all for this class so go ahead and do what you'd like." she says as I notice there's still twenty minutes left of this class. As I was about to grab my headphones and listen to music, but stopped as I felt a tap on my shoulder and see Harry smiling at me. I smile back hoping I wouldn't regret it for he likes to act like a confident bastard around me. He then opens his mouth and says, "You, me, movies Saturday evening."

I then smirk and say, "Sorry, but that's when I work at my new job."

His smile drops, but he quickly recovers it as he shrugs his shoulders and says, "So where you working at?"

"That's none of your business." I reply as I scroll through my phone.

"Oh c'mon I'd love to see you in your little uniform working that ass off!" he says as I roll my eyes.

"This is why I'm not telling you where I work, Styles." I say as his eyebrows rise up.

"Styles? You're going to call me by last name?" he asks.

I shrug my shoulders and say, "Yeah, I guess so."

"Cool, but I'd like to hear you moan it out as I suck on that neck of yours." he says as I smack his shoulder as my eyes widen and I say, "That's never going to happen."

"I'll make sure it happens babe." he winks at me as he puts his arm around my shoulder. I scoff at him and elbow him in the stomach, making him fall to the floor. I then grab my stuff and walk to my next class.


Saturday evening and this job gets even better by the minute! I had my little uniform on with my name tag as I waited in the back for Max and another employee to show me how things work around here.

The door opens up and I see Max and a familiar mop of curls enter. No, no, no. Not him, not today Satan!

"What the-" I say.

"Chris this is my friend and employee Harry." says Max as I glare at Harry.

"We know mate, we have music and chemistry together." says Harry as I fix his mistake by saying, "We don't have chemistry."

"Not yet." he says with a smirk. I facepalm myself as I realize he was flirting with me, cheeky bastard. I then huff and cross my arms as Max starts to show me everything about this place.

"Well what do you know I'll be seeing you in your uniform every Saturday!" cheers Harry as I smack his arm, really hard. He flinched at the impact and started to rub his arm as I began to follow Max around with Harry following behind me.

I couldn't really concentrate for Harry kept putting his hand on my ass, making me swat his hand away from me. At the end of all this my shift finished and I said goodbye to Max and his dad. Harry had finished his shift as well and I decided to quickly leave work so I can avoid Harry.

"Chris wait!" I heard Harry shout as I practically speed walked out of there. The universe must hate me 'cause Harry was able to catch up. He then grabbed my hand and made me turn around so I can look at his face. Our eyes never left each others and our faces were just inches apart. I shake my hand away from him and give myself some personal space.

"What?" I questioned as he smiled and shook his head. I was about to leave when he said, "I want to make a bet."

My ears ringed as my eyes widened and I had grown an evil smirk. "Go on." I say as he nods.

"We post the same picture on Instagram, whoever gets the most likes on that picture, wins." he explains. Seems like a lame bet, but maybe I can get him to leave me alone.

"Okay I'll do it." I say as I give him my hand to shake, but instead he kisses it as I roll my eyes.

"Okay now if I win, you'll let me take you out on dates." he says as I roll my eyes again.

"Fine, and when I win you'll have to leave me alone." I say as he furrows his eyebrows.

"How do you know you'll win?" he asks. I grab him by the collar of his shirt and bring his face close to mine.

"Mama doesn't play for fun. Mama plays to win." I say as his breath gets hitched. I smirked and chuckled for how nervous he got, and decided to make him even more nervous. I leaned in for a peck on the lips and bit his bottom lip making him moan. I then let go of him and walk away, leaving a love struck and confused Styles in the huge mall.


As soon as I get to my dorm, my eyes widen and I soon begin to worry about the bet. Harry is really popular on Instagram, and does have a chance at winning. I decide to DM him with a picture of a stuffed animal on my bed and write.

ChrisJones Nvm the bet's off!

He soon comments back saying.

HarryStyles aww :( how come babe?

ChrisJones dont call me babe, and cuz i dont feel like doin it

I then delete the picture after he reads it and lock my phone. I jump back onto my bed with my hair spread all over the blanket. Macy wasn't here 'cause she had to go take Jasper to the hospital to check on his sister. His sister, Jane, apparently had broken her legs at SkyZone and was now hospitalized.

I then grab the closest pillow and put it in my face, I open my mouth and scream into my pillow. Once done screaming I toss it aside and go on my laptop, hoping I could finish some of my assignments for Monday.

I guess I must've lost track of time 'cause I ended sleeping with my computer on and Macy waking me up with her shouting, "Why are all the lights on?! We are wasting electricity and money!"

"Sorry..." I say with sheepish grin as she rolls her eyes and climbs up to bed.


A/N Sorry for the boring and lame chapter. I'm honestly really distracted 'cause my friend might come over tomorrow, and I might invite my neighbor/friend over for us to hang out. So I'm like 'WE SHOULD WATCH AHS!', but then again they'd be like 'WE'VE ALREADY SEEN THAT SHOW!'

Anyways if you like this chapter please leave a comment or a vote, and please check out my other stories! Thank you!

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