Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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6. five

A/N Do any of you watch Pretty Little Liars? 'Cause that show is my shit, I absolutely love it, and need someone to fangirl with! I loved this new episode, but freaked out when Alison's brother kissed Hanna's mom. Like ew bro, she is old enough to be your mom, so like stop...

Anyways here's the new chapter!


As soon as I get to my dorm, my eyes widen and I soon begin to worry about the bet. Harry is really popular on Instagram, and does have a chance at winning. I decide to DM him with a picture of a stuffed animal on my bed and write.

ChrisJones Nvm the bet's off!

He soon comments back saying.

HarryStyles aww :( how come babe?

ChrisJones dont call me babe, and cuz i dont feel like doin it

I then delete the picture after he reads it and lock my phone. I jump back onto my bed with my hair spread all over the blanket. Macy wasn't here 'cause she had to go take Jasper to the hospital to check on his sister. His sister, Jane, apparently had broken her legs at SkyZone and was now hospitalized.

I then grab the closest pillow and put it in my face, I open my mouth and scream into my pillow. Once done screaming I toss it aside and go on my laptop, hoping I could finish some of my assignments for Monday.

I guess I must've lost track of time 'cause I ended sleeping with my computer on and Macy waking me up with her shouting, "Why are all the lights on?! We are wasting electricity and money!"

"Sorry..." I say with sheepish grin as she rolls her eyes and climbs up to bed.


Chris' POV

The next morning I woke up and went online to finish the rest of my assignments, while Macy slept peacefully. By the time she woke up I had already finished my assignments, and was ready to start the day.

"Morning." she mumbles with a yawn as she rubs her eyes.

"Morning." I reply as I go on my phone. I wanted to talk about my situation yesterday, but was debating whether I should or shouldn't. I mean Macy and Jasper are my best friends, so they should know. But then again Jasper would constantly tease me about it. Okay you know what, I'm just going to tell Macy and not Jasper.

"Macy?" I ask as she brushes her teeth in the bathroom.

"Yeah?" she replies.

"Can I talk to you about something?" I ask.

"Of course." She then stops whatever she's doing and comes sits at the end of my bed with a curious look on her face. She also grabbed my stuffed panda bear and began to cuddle with it.

I finally started talking and explaining to her what happened yesterday. Her reaction was totally neutral until I reached the part about the bet. She started to laugh hysterically, but then stopped as she realized why I cancelled the bet.

"That's cute, but I still don't get why you cancelled it." she said as I sighed and went on my Instagram. I then go on Styles' account and show her the amount of followers he has. Her eyes nearly fell out of her sockets.

"He's as famous as you!" she screeched as she fell off my bed.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" I say as I laugh. That was an epic fail moment, which I wish I posted on Vine.

"Yeah, I'm fine." she replies as she gets back up.

"Okay so anyways, I think what you did was really smart and mature." she continues as I nod and smile.

"Yeah, I guess it was." I say as we hug and pull apart.

"Don't tell Jasper about this by the way!" I say as she starts dressing up for the day.

"How come?" she asked as I rolled my eyes and bit my lip.

"'Cause he'll start to tease me and call me a wimp." I explain as she nods and says, "Good point. Okay I pinky promise not to tell him."

She then gives me her hand as I grab onto it, making our pinky fingers intertwine as we kiss our fists to keep the promise.

"Anyways I'm going to make some coffee, want some?" asks Macy as I nod. She then walks out of our room as my phone makes a sound, telling me I have recieved a notification.

'5 Instagram Notifications' appeared across my phone as I unlocked it. I was tagged in one photo and had 3 likes. The last notification was what made my blood boil and smirk as I realized two can play this game.

im gonna win this bet babe and u know it so just accept it so u can prove me wrong xxH That idiot thinks he's so cool and popular. I end up replying to his comment under my photo just to annoy him.

@HarryStyles never in ur wildest dreams.. and really u had to put ur initial? i already know its u dumbass

"Challenge accepted Styles." I say to myself as Macy comes into the room with two coffee cups.

"You didn't not just accept that idiot's challenge did you?" she asked in a frustrated tone.

I proudly smile and say, "Hey it's not like he's going to win. Now is he?"

She begins to chuckle as she hands me my cup and says, "No, I guess you're right."

"Of course I am. I'm Chris Jones for Christ's sake!" I say as I sip my hot cup of coffee.

"You're so weird though. One minute you don't want to do it, the next you do." says Macy as I shrug and say, "It's like doing my homework."

"Exactly!" she says with a chuckle. I then get another notification and see that Styles' replied to my comment.

HarryStyles @ChrisJones perfect! i hope u have a sexy dress ready for our date! ;)

ChrisJones u havent even won the bet

HarryStyles @ChrisJones oh so now u think im gonna win? ;)

ChrisJones stahp wit them winky faces its very creepy -_- and no i know that im gonna win

HarryStyles @ChrisJones never in ur wildest dreams

ChrisJones ur gonna wish u never took my line bish

"Enough!" shouted Macy as I looked away from my phone to her.

"What?" I asked wide eyed.

"You've been fighting with him for the past twenty minutes! I'm pretty sure you need to cool down." she explains as I say, "You're right."

"Luckily Jasper is on his way!" she cheers as I groan and roll off my bed.

"Why?" I ask.

"Movie marathon." she says.

"Fine, but I'm picking the movie!" I say as I get comfortable on the floor.

"You wish, bitch." said a masculine voice. I look up to see Jasper standing there with a bunch of movies in his hand with a box of tissues.

"Sup prick." I say as he rolls his eyes and takes a seat on Macy's bed.

"Fine, but I pick which movie to watch first." I say with a toothy grin.

Jasper starts laughing hysterically and says, "Hell no. This is my only day to watch movies, and I'm not letting you pick your creepy horror movies." he says as I huff and stuff my face onto the pillow next to me as I scream.

"I thought you put 'shut the fuck up' in her coffee today?" asked Jasper as I smirked.

"And I thought she put rat poison in your In N Out last week, but I don't see you at the hospital." I remark as he now huffs and puts the movie in. I look up to see it's The Last Song.

"Oh hell to the no! I hate movies like that!" I say as I jump off the floor.

"Well too bad we're watching it!" says Macy as she sits next to Jasper and takes out her tissues.

"Girls." I say with an eye roll.

"Um I'm a man!" yells Jasper.

"Not in my dictionary!" I say as I grab some clothes and run to the bathroom to change.


A/N I want a friendship like Jasper and Chris to be honest. It's really funny how they get along. It's basically a hate-hate friendship and I love that. Anyways sorry for the short chapter, school is being a pain in the ass with all these stupid ass assignments so I do apologize.

Also if you like this story give it a thumbs up or star, and comment your questions and opinions. Don't forget to also check out my other stories! Thank you!

Xx TommosFallen Angel

P.S. To anyone wondering, I deleted "Roses and Cuts", "Outcasts", and "Master of Disguise" because I was getting writer's block on those, and also had too many stories to work on. So I do apoligize about that.


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