Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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16. fifteen

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"Stop making yourself the bad guy Chris. The boy looks up at you like your a hero."

"But I'm not..." I whisper to myself as I look down to the floor. A strand of hair fell on my face and I grabbed it, making it pull back behind my ear.

"You're right. You're not." he says as I close my eyes shut and take in a deep breath.

"You're better than that." he continues as my eyes open widely and I breathe out. He then stands up and grabs my phone from my bag, tossing it to me. I quickly grab it and look up at him to hear an explanation.

"I get that you're not in the perfect position, but so isn't Harry. He really needs you Chris." he explains as he nods his head and walks away. I then sigh and look down at my phone to see it light up right when I click the home button. Like I predicted I had a bunch of notifications from instagram, and a couple of texts from Macy and Jasper.

I text them back quickly explaining how I decided to go out earlier then usual, which wasn't really a lie if you think about it. After that I go on instagram to see people liking old pics and commenting like crazy. I then look to see I have a DM and click on it.

It was from Harry and it was a picture of me paying attention in class as our Professor spoke. Underneath he captioned something, that made me smile and feel better.

HarryStyles u have such natural beauty. be proud of who u are

I immediately comment underneath it saying.

ChrisJones thank u H. that means a lot coming from u.

He immediately replies back saying.

HarryStyles u know today was the day

ChrisJones i know

HarryStyles i understand if u want to cancel it

ChrisJones Harry?

HarryStyles yeah?

ChrisJones i'll go out with u either way

HarryStyles really? u aint playing with me right?


Chris' POV

"So how you feeling about your first date with Harry?" asked Macy as she looked inside my closet and started throwing out clothes. As I was about to open my mouth and speak a bra landed straight onto my face, making me get disgusted and shove it off me.

I then took a breath and answered, "To be honest, I'm a bit nervous..."

Macy then stopped messing through my closet, and peeked out from it. She looked at me with wide eyes and then fell onto the floor laughing her ass off. I chuckled and threw a thong at her as she continued to laugh.

"You-nervous? That's rich!" she exclaimed as I chuckled and rolled my eyes. I then stood up and walked over to my closet pulling out a top made out of a jean fabric and some white shorts. I didn't have to work on my hair since it looked nice naturally down. For shoes I decided to go with my white converse, and for jewelry I wore my golden necklace with its matching bracelet.

Once done dressing up, I sat on my bed waiting for Harry to show up, to take me to wherever. I decided to go on Instagram to help the time pass, which I soon regretted since Jasper was online and was DM spamming me.

JasperCasper my babe is growin up! shes goin on a date!

ChrisJones shaddup -_-

JasperCasper look shes blushin!

ChrisJones ur stoopid

JasperCasper says the one who spelled stupid wrong

ChrisJones would ya get off mah back grammar police

JasperCasper this is why u failed english in ninth grade

ChrisJones fuck u

MacyCrazy u need to stay away from the vocab jar

JasperCasper why wat did Chris do?

ChrisJones not me u idiot

MacyCrazy Jaz keeps taking money from it >:(

ChrisJones so wat u gonna do?

MacyCrazy wherever i hide it, he finds the money

ChrisJones hide it in his books, he never looks there

JasperCasper still here guys...

MacyCrazy did you read that?

ChrisJones its an error code

JasperCasper tf

ChrisJones there it is again!

MacyCrazy maybe we shud log out?

ChrisJones yea probbly

JasperCasper no! dont leave me aloone!

I then log out as I laugh and look at Macy, who just sheepishly smiled at me. "You didn't log out, did you?" I asked.

She just shook her head no as I rolled my eyes and opened my phone. I then started playing Trivia Crack and waited 'til Harry came to pick me up.


Harry's POV

"Harry please!" begged Niall over the phone as I rolled my eyes and said, "I can't I'm going out with Chris tonight."

"Please it'll only take a sec!" he begged again. I can practically imagine him stuffing pizza in his mouth as he did the puppy dog eyes.

"Why can't someone else take you?" I asked.

"Zayn's hanging with some new chic. Louis is out of town with Bea. Liam is back at his parents place for the weekend." he explained. I then sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose as I checked the time on my watch.

7:30, the date starts at 8:00. I then answer back saying, "I'll be there in a few."

"Yes!" he shouts as I hang up and start the car. If I'm late, I'll just explain to Chris why I'm late.


"Thank you so much for this Harry!" said Niall as he buckled his seat belt and gave me directions to the hospital.

I nodded my head and asked, "Can I ask why we're heading to hospital?"

He sighed and said, "I'm volunteering there, and I completely forgot that today was my first day."

I nodded my head and said, "Nice. So what are you doing there?"

"I play the guitar and sing for the younger ones. I then go and help with cleaning and pass out magazines to the older patients." he answered as I drove onto the freeway.

My eyes widened at what I saw and I mumbled, "Shit."

"That's a lot of traffic! Holy chicken fillet, that'll take an hour or two to drive through!" said Niall as my grip on the wheel tightened. He then put his feet up and relaxed as he turned on the radio, having it play Naughty Boy's song Lifted with Emeli Sande.


Chris' POV

"What time is it?" I asked Macy as she was working on her homework for Psychology class. She looked up and pushed her glasses up a little. Macy hated wearing her glasses, thinking it made her look bad. Though it gives her that nice, smart look that a lot of guys go insane for nowadays.

She cleared her throat as she wrapped her hair into a loose bun and says, "It's 8:15."

I nodded my head and acted chill, but I'm really nervous about the time. Where's Harry? Did something happen to him? He'll be here, just don't stress too much about it.


8:45 and Harry is a no show, which honestly made me sad. Macy noticed my sullen look earlier and made me a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, knowing it would make me feel better. She then told me that everything is going to get better. I told her I was fine, and to go to sleep.

She now lay comfortably asleep in her bed as freshly made tears started streaming down my face. I sighed and went under my duvet. I plugged my phone to its charger and turned my lamp off. I then closed my eyes and let the darkness take over.

I didn't care if I wasn't in my pajamas, I didn't care if my makeup would smudge onto my white sheets and pillow cases.

I no longer cared for anything...


A/N Awe how sad... Anyways sorry for not updating soon! I was going to, but then I found out about Zayn and began to mourn and basically lay in bed for hours with tears on my face. I'm honestly really sad about the news, and it hurts to know that Zayn left the band, and is now working on a solo song with Naughty Boy. Even though I love Naughty Boy's music I'm going to say this. HE LEFT US FOR A DAMN CHEESEBURGER! LIKE ZAYN YOU COULD'VE GONE TO JACK IN THE BOX, NOT NAUGHTY IN THE STUDIO FOR THAT!

But whatever as long as he's happy and fine, then I'm happy and fine. I will still support the boys and Zayn's new career as well. From now on I'm just going to call them the boys because without Zayn it's not One Direction.

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