Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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19. eighteen

A/N Marched for Justice yesterday for the 100th Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, and now I'm sore and tired af, but it was totally worth it! Other than that I have a shitload of work to do for school, but decided to skip it and update! Haha


Once I finish getting that last flashback only one thing happened. The van swerved a little on the wet street as I drove. Stupid London weather...

When I finally get the wheel in control again, I feel a sudden impact and my head hits the window, but am pulled back thanks to my seat belt.

My eyes were closed at that moment, so I opened them to see a blurry vision. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and side, and repeatedly blinked to get my clear vision back.

Once my clear vision returned, I noticed how the air bag was out, and that the van had hit into another car. I felt something sting on my forehead, and slowly raised my hand, which hurt like shit.

I touch my forehead and feel something wet. I immediately freak out and notice that it's blood.

My breathing pattern quickened and I was about to pass out, but before I did the door opened as someone said, "The ambulance will be here soon!"

I then felt my vision become blurry as my eyes shut closed as I was left in nothing but darkness...


Chris' POV

There was a bright light in the darkness I was trapped in. My eyelids started moving, and I soon realized that I was blinking. My eyes eventually fully opened, leading me to close them tight shut and yelp, saying, "For Chrissake can that flashlight get any fucking brighter?!"

I then heard a small chuckle and rubbed my eyelids open. I saw a nurse and doctor right in front of me, and to be honest I felt like I was in a telanovella where any minute when I look away the sexy nurse is going to make out or slap the doctor.

The young nurse then giggled a little and came by my side handing me a cup of water and pills. I looked at her like she was crazy and asked, "What's this for?"

I then felt a sharp pain in my side and in my thigh, making me shout in pain. She giggled again as she pointed and said, "It's for that."

I nodded my head and thanked her as she walked out. I swallowed the pills and then looked at the doctor, finally realizing that I'm in an emergency room. I couldn't quite remember what happened or why I was here in the first place so I asked, "Why am I here?"

The doctor was looking through a file and soon closed it and set it aside. He then grabs a chair and sits across from me and says, "You were in a car accident."

Wow, no sugar coating? That's low... The last thing a girl wants to hear is she was in an accident, and having to worry if she killed anyone or-

My eyes widened so big, that I'm pretty sure it was bigger than Texas at this rate. I guess the doctor realized what I was thinking and soon said, "Don't worry nobody got hurt, and the young man didn't press charges."

Right at that moment the door slams open and five people walk in. I recognized four of them. Two as Macy and Jasper, my best friends, and the other two were my mom and sister. My sister had tears on her face and she ran over hugging me tightly whispering, "I thought you were dead! Oh my God, I love you so much Chris don't ever give mom and I-"

I chuckled and hugged her back petting her hair as I said, "I'm fine baby sis. Nothing to worry about."

"Like hell!" cursed my mom as she gave me a hug as well.

"I told you to not crash into anything!" said Macy as a joke as she hugged me. Wait, what? She told me not to crash?

"I guess we're all hugging." said Jasper as he joined the group hug. I looked at the fifth figure in the room, to notice a guy with curly hair and green eyes standing there awkwardly with tears in his eyes.

I then broke the group hug and said, "Um guys, who is he?"

The doctor's eyes widened at that and Macy simply said, "That's Harry."

"Oh..." I say a bit confused.

"Wait, don't you remember Harry?" asked Jasper as my eyebrows furrowed and I shook my head. Is he one of the jocks, who was going to buy condoms off of me?

"May I have a word with all of you outside? Just a moment Chris." said the doctor as everyone exited the room. What the hell was going on?


Harry's POV

We all stepped out of her room as more tears streamed down my face. I had gotten the call and rushed out of that lot as fast as I could.

Apparently the guy, Nick, Chris crashed into saved her and called everyone important on the contacts, including Macy and Jasper, who then told me the news. I was still waiting for Chris to return so we could talk, but I guess that will have to wait. By the time we got here, Nick told us he wasn't pressing charges, and he then left without another word.

"Okay everyone." said the doctor as he took off his glasses.

"It appears that Chris is experiencing some short term memory loss." he says dead on out as people gasp dramatically. Why do I feel like I'm in some telanovella?

"So she doesn't remember me?" I ask out of curiosity. God, not everything's about you Harry!

"It appears so. How long have you known her?" he asks.

"Since September." I answer with no further details as he nods.

"Then yes she won't remember much." he says as I nod my head.

The doctor then asks if he can speak about releasing Chris, with her family as they walk to his office. I was now left alone in the room with Jasper and Macy. "This is all my fault..." I say as I look up at the ceiling hoping God punishes me.

I then feel a hand on my  shoulder and hear Macy saying, "Don't blame yourself, she's just so stubborn Harry."

"Yeah don't beat yourself about it." said Jasper as I sighed.

"I'm going to go talk to her." I say as they nod their heads and let me in.

I close the door as I enter and sit next to her bed as she looks at me out of curiosity.

"You're not one of those guys who I was supposed to meet at the gym to sell some condoms to right?" she asks as my face flushes. She forgot that she stopped doing her own little black market on campus.

I awkwardly coughed and said, "Um... you stopped doing that."

Her eyes widened as she said, "What? How am I supposed to make money now? That's how I'm paying off for my clothes and food."

"What about tuition fees?" I ask.

"Scholarship." she says as my eyes widen out of surprise. I didn't know she was a scholarship student. Damn, she must be super smart.

"So um, who are you exactly?" she asks. Oh that's right she doesn't remember you, Harry.

Wait! I can start fresh with her! I can fix things!

I then open my mouth and say, "I'm your boyfriend."

Ugh, stupid. Nice going Harry.

"Oh..." is all she says. She hates me.

"Wow college has changed me..." she continues as I sigh.

"For the better." she finishes as I look up to see her smiling at me.


A/N Welp this is awkward. Anyways super important question! Does anyone else play the online game Town of Salem? 'Cause I want to play with y'all! Other than that, how was this chapter?

Btw I'm jamming to Nick Jonas right now, and I'm like Nick af at the moment. Hahaha

Xx TommosFallen_Angel

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