Book 2 for the Social Media Series
Two pictures, two enemies. Who will win the battle of the most likes?
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9. eight

A/N Before we start this chapter I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my 21 year old banana! I love you so much even though there are moments you creep me out, but I still love you! I hope you have an amazing birthday Harry! Oh and you're finally old enough to drink! Hell yeah, bring on the drunk Harry pics! ;)

Anyways enjoy this chapter and comment along as you read!

Xx TommosFallen_Angel


I then get off Instagram and start to type up and finish the contract for both Macy and Jasper to sign. I'll just pretend it's a petition or project for class and then when my bet with Harry is over I'll tell them about the contract.

Mission Jacy is on the go. I finally finish the last sentence of the contract and print it out of the wireless printer. I then get off my bed and grab the paper with two pens from desk.

"Macy, Jasper come over here I need you guys!" I say as they both get off the floor and walk up to me. Macy puts a hand on her hip, while Jasper stuffs his hands in his pockets. I try to hide my smile from appearing and say, "I'm doing a petition for one of my classes and need a few signatures."

They both look at each other but suspect nothing, which is perfect for my plan. Jasper then comes and grabs the paper from my hand and signs it without giving a second look at it. He then hands it to Macy, who eyes me suspiciously but then shrugs her shoulders as she signs away.

She then hands it back to me, and her and Jasper head out. "Where you guys going?" I ask.

"To grab a bite want to join?" she says as Jasper puts on his jacket. I shake my head and smile as she nods and grabs her stuff.

Once they leave I smile and hide the contract someplace no one will ever find it. Someplace that no one even knows exists.

My song journal.


Harry's POV

"Happy Birthday mate!" said Zayn as he patted my back and gave me a gift. I gave a smile and said, "Thank you, but you didn't have too."

"Bull shit! It's my banana's birthday and you expect us not to give you gifts?" said Louis as Niall burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes at them and saw Liam walk into the room with another gift. I groaned and said, "I don't get why you make my birthday such a big deal..."

"Well this is the day you were born! You know after your parents had a steamy night and-" I cut Louis off saying, "Gross, way too much information bro."

He then sheepishly smiles at me as Liam asks, "What do you want to do today mate?"

"To be honest I just want to go grab some coffee from the Cafe, and watch the big game." I said with a smirk. I would also love to have Chris join me.

"Sounds good." said Zayn as Niall says, "Let's go."


The Cafe door was opened by Liam as we all piled into the warm coffee scented room. I head up to the cashier asking for everyone's orders. The cashier was some male guy, who looked like he hadn't shaved in weeks.

After grabbing the orders I take out my wallet, but hear the male cashier say, "Don't worry birthday boy, it's on the house."

My eyes widened wondering how he knew about my birthday, but I shrugged it off as he brings our orders. I then head over to the others, who found a seat by the bookshelf. The Cafe was attached to a bookstore, which in my opinion is amazing 'cause I love to read.

Once I sit down I give Louis his hot chocolate, Liam and Zayn their black coffee, Niall his cheesecake, and for me my ice coffee. I take a sip of my drink and notice how Louis is texting, Niall and Liam are betting on who's going to win the Super Bowl, and Zayn's reading Fifty Shades of Grey. My eyes widened at that and I asked, "Why are you reading that book, Zayn?"

He then stopped flipping through the pages and said, "My sister and I made a deal, that I would read this book, if she read at least one Batman comic book."

"Nice, bet you that book is about Chris and Harry's future." said Louis. Liam then chuckled and said, "Yeah Harry tying Chris up and having a steamy night."

My eyes widened at that and I said, "I wouldn't ever do that."

"Face it Harry, you so would." said Liam as Zayn and him fist bumped.

"Whatever." I said with an eye roll.

"Oh c'mon anybody that hot, would have to get banged like that." pointed out Zayn as Louis smirked.

"I guess you're right." I said as I heard someone cough behind me. I turn my head around to see the one person I didn't want for them to hear what I just said.

Chris Jones.

"You know I was actually starting to think you were a decent guy Styles. Guess I was wrong 'cause you're like every other guy out there." she said as her eyes started to water.

She hates me officially. I actually had a chance.

I looked around the table and all the boys looked down in guilt. I then felt something fall on my head, and next thing I know my curly hair is sinking down to my shoulders and I have iced coffee all over me. I grab some tissues off the table and clean my face as everybody started laughing in the shop, except the boys, Chris and I.

I then stand up and say, "Chris it's not what you think it's-"

"Save it." she said as she walked away from me. I then sink down into my chair and mumble a sarcastic 'Happy Birthday' to myself.

She probably thinks we called her a slut or some shit.


Chris' POV

"He actually said that?" asked Macy with wide eyes. I nodded my head as she slammed the table and said, "Chris hold my bag! I'm going to teach that boy a lesson!"

I then got up from my seat and said, "Relax he's not worth it."

She then pouted and slumped into her chair. She grabs her bag off the table and says, "Why are all men douches?"

"I don't know, but I know as a fact that I'm not going to date until I graduate college." I said as she nodded her head in agreement.

"Agreed. It seems that men nowadays are all pigs and sex addicts." she said as I sighed.

"What sucks is I was thinking of giving him a chance Macy." I said as her eyes widened.

She then started to pat my back and said, "It's okay hun, you'll find your Prince Charming."

I then gave her a disgusted look saying, "Hell no. I don't want that perfect fairy tale life, it would be too cheesy."

She then sheepishly smiles at me and says, "Knowing you, you probably wouldn't want that."

I then smile at her and feel my phone vibrate. I take it out to see Bea has DMed me.

BeaHive hey i heard wat happened and wanted to apologize

ChrisJones wait how come?

BeaHive the boys being.. wel boys

ChrisJones thx i guess

BeaHive and as their punishment i smacked them all

ChrisJones hahaha omg really?

BeaHive well not really... i coulnt find harry to smack

ChrisJones oh

BeaHive yeah well gtg they want me to watch the super bowl

ChrisJones kk bye

"Who was that?" asked Macy as she laid back on her bed.

"Bea." I said as her eyes widened and said, "Oh is she the one getting engaged to that Louis guy?"

I nod my head as she says, "Nice! I've seen his picture, you think he has brothers?"

I chuckle and say, "No, just sisters, but hey there's still Jasper."

She blushes a crimson red and says, "Nite Bea."

"Goodnight." I say as I go to the bathroom to get changed and ready for bed.


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P.S. I wrote this chapter like three times today 'cause my internet got all jacked up and I had rewrite this. If there are any mistakes let me know 'cause I got to lazy to proofread my shitty writing.


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