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Everyone has a different view on how to live life. Trying to get involved with someone's system is the hard part.

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8. chapter 7

"Hell yeah! I win 4 in a row!" Calum says, rubbing it in my face that I suck at staring contests. 

We've been having staring contests for the past 10 minutes while waiting for our food.

"How about we do one more?" He asks, leaning closer to me.

"No way. You've made it pretty clear I can't win." I huff and look at him. 

"We can make a deal?" He spoke, trying to persuade me. "Depends on what it is, Hood." I challenged, crossing my arms. 

"How about, if you win i'll do anything you want for the rest of the time we're together." I thought for a moment. 

"And if you win?" I asked, already liking my side of the deal. "You stay the night at my place." He smirked, leaning back on his chair.

"Absolutely not!" I immediately said, frowning. Once he saw my face he started laughing. Like really hard. 

Once he calmed down he told me, "Not for that reason! I just want to watch movies and hang some more." 

I felt my face go red and once again praised the lord when the waitress set our food down on the table. But, of course, Calum wouldn't let this go. 

Once she left, he looked at me again.

"So, deal?" He smirked. I sighed before answering, "I guess."




"I hate you." I said as we walked back to Calum's hotel room. He just laughed at my frustration. Ugh. 

"Don't worry babe, we'll have a blast." He winked at me. 

"Ew, gross." I spoke, moving further away from him. I couldn't be far from him for long, though, as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his side. 

"Don't try to fight me, darling." He chuckled.

With one last huff, I continued walking without saying another word.


After about 5 minutes of walking down streets I'm not even remotely familiar with, we finally arrived outside of some hotel.

"This place makes my hotel look like trash." I said as I looked at the big glass doors of the nice hotel.

Calum just laughed and opened the door for me. 

He guided me to the elevator and pressed the UP button. As we waited I looked around the lobby some more. 

As soon as we heard the familiar ding of the elevator doors, we walked into the small space. Calum pressed a button and the doors immediately closed after. 

The annoying elevator music rang through our ears as we stood in comfortable silence. "Wait. I don't have any extra clothes!" I groaned at myself, and Calum as he came up with this stupid idea. 

"I'm sure I have something for you." I could practically feel his smirk. 

The doors opened once again and we walked into the long hallway. We walked a short distance to room 473 and Calum pulled out what I'm assuming to be his room key. He opened the door and we appeared in his living room. 

"Wait here." 

I followed orders and sat on his small couch, waiting for him to return.

When he did, he tossed me a shirt. Just a shirt. 

I looked at the piece of clothing before looking back up at him. 

He laughed. "Babe, its called a shirt. You wear -" 

I cut him off. "I know. I'm wondering why you didn't give me pants..?" I raise an eyebrow at him. 

"Just go put it on." He laughed once again.



Yeah this sucks. Ive had writers block (like usual) but then I felt bad so I quickly typed something up. sorry I didn't update on time! and sorry its bad and has mistakes (also like usual). 

I'll try to update as soon as possible!!

bye ilya :-) 

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