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Everyone has a different view on how to live life. Trying to get involved with someone's system is the hard part.

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7. chapter 6

Sighing deeply, I looked back at my own reflection as I tugged down the ends of my dress. 

It was a short, black, flared out, dress with the back cut out. (picture below)

I paired it with black mary jane pumps and some simple gold jewelry. 

My dark hair is in a high, slicked back, ponytail, and my makeup is at a minimum. 

This isn't me, but damn do I look good.

Calum said he was going to pick me up from my hotel room at 6:00. Its currently 5:57 so I decided to just look out my shitty window down at the street. Before I know it, I hear 3 knocks at the door. I slowly stand up from my seat, my nerves kicking in. I walk to the door and hesitate before I open it. I take a deep breath and swing it open wide, to see a confident looking Calum on the other side. His face changes immediately when he sees me, though. Do I look bad?

I frown and he notices. "Whats wrong?" He asks, stepping closer to me. 

"Do I look bad?" I ask back, looking down at my shoes. I hear him softly chuckle and grab my hand, "You look fucking beautiful." Whew. I laugh at his explicit language and step out of my room. He holds up a single, pink, LY Peony (flower) in his hand that I didn't even notice he had. I blush as I hold it up to my nose. "Thank you." I say smiling at the taller boy. Even in my heels he's still a lot taller.

He takes my hand back in his and guides me to the elevators. We step in and watch the doors close. I awkwardly rock back and forth as we wait to arrive in the lobby. 

5 seconds later I hear the familiar ding and we step out of the opening doors. 

I haven't even looked at what Calum was wearing yet. I look him up and down as we walk to the front doors. He's wearing a dark blue, button up shirt with the sleeve rolled and cuffed at the top, black skinny jeans (A/N lol like what else) and black shoes. 

We walked out the doors and down the street. "So where are we going? And don't say its a surprise." I quietly laugh. He laughs too, before answering "Theres a small outside restaurant a street down, I figured you'd like it, so why not." I smile at him and we continue walking. 


"Thank you." Calum says to the waitress as we sat down in our seats. We ordered our drinks and she walked away. 

I get comfortable and start to look around the place. Its so cute. All the tables are sat on this raised, brick, floor, with a wooden fence around it. The roof is decorated with a bunch of little lights everywhere. This place is perfect. (Picture below)

I turn my gaze back to Calum, to see he was already looking at me. I blush and look somewhere else. "Is someone shy?" He asks, playfully teasing me.

I scoff, "Ha ha no." I blush more and praise the gods when I see our drinks coming. The waitress sets our drinks in front of us and takes our orders. 

"I'll have it out as soon as possible." and she walks away. This time I'm the one to stare as I look straight at Calum. He feels my eyes on him as he asks,

"Wanna have a staring contest?"



​Is this even considered a cliffhanger? lol idk

Its short and suckish but y'all are probably use to that with this story lmao

I hope you enjoy it anyway. 

Ps be proud because I actually updated on time yuussss

Peace out girl scout 


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