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Everyone has a different view on how to live life. Trying to get involved with someone's system is the hard part.

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6. chapter 5


Walking with someone who actually wants to be near you is just an all around good feeling. That's why i'm surprised its happening to me at this moment. Like that one scene is Ariel where they're in the boat and she couldn't talk, but he looked like he wanted to kiss her anyway. That made me happy.

"Here we are!" A joyful voice boomed in my ear, taking me from my thoughts.

I looked around the location, pleasantly surprised. Its a cute little street, with vintage stores up and down on both sides. I love these kinda things.

Smiling like a child on christmas, I skip over to the first store that catches my eye. As I near the entrance however, a firm grip around my wrist swings me back around. 

I knit my eyebrows together in confusion, "What? Can't we go into a store?" I say to Calum.

He laughs at my confusion before answering, "We have to go in that store." He points to a building beside me. I turn my head and see a big, beautiful, pale yellow, store. Above the glass doors was a sign with the name 'Lola's', in big, red, letters. 

I squint and look into the windows of the shop, only to see nothing but dresses.

Turning around, I raise an eyebrow to him. "They only sell dresses..?" I say, but more as a question.

He links arms with me and starts to walk in the direction of it. "Yeah, I know. You need a dress, we're going out tonight." He smirks.

I unlatch our arms, my attitude kicking in, and cross my own. "When did I agree to this?" I reply.

He turns to face directly at me, "We only have today and tomorrow to have a kick ass time, we might as well hang out tonight." He uncrosses my arms and drags me to the shop. 

"Is it a date?" I question, before I can fathom what I am actually saying. 

He immediately stops in his tracks and turns around with a huge smile. "Would you like it to be?" He asks, excitement dancing in his eyes. 

Being the bitch I am, I decide to tease him.


"Well, I don't know. You already said we were just hanging out, so maybe we should do that." I say as I walk around him and continue to the store. Once again, however, I am stopped by a hand on my wrist. He turns me around and my breath hitches at how close we are. 

"Then let me rephrase my words-" He wraps his arms around my torso. "-Will you go on a date with me?"

Of course, the blush appears on my cheeks. I've never been properly asked on a date.

 I look him in the eyes. They immediately sparkle, causing a small smile to etch its way onto my lips. 

"Why wouldn't I?"


I've been hanging out with him for only a couple hours, and i'm already putty in his hands. Oh boy. 



​ok so this might be a long note, so don't read it if you don't want! However, if you want to know why i've been AWOL then enlighten yourself.

So like yes I realize I was suppose to update the 19th, and I felt guilty everyday that I didn't. I haven't been on movellas at all since last update :/

The reason why is because i haven't been feeling good (not a sickness). I've felt this way for a couple months but it got really bad around the time I had to update (sorry, I'm not gonna actually tell you whats been up). So i was like okay I'm gonna do this shit when i feel better. Its like 15 minutes before 1 am right now and i literally just typed up this chapter because I wanted y'all to have something to read. (btw i wrote this whole chapter once already like a half hour ago but it deleted. Motherfucker.) So yeah, I should be back on track now. I'm still gonna be updating every 2 weeks, I'm sorry again if that seems like a long amount of time.

i apologize if this is crap, sorry for any grammer/spelling errors..and yah

greetings if you're reading this.

how are you? y'all good? y'all snazzy? thats good, thats good.

oh and soon (idk how long soon is) ill be posting a new story. I have like 4 drafted ones but I don't know which to post bc they're all different lol. 

​Ill pick one and give y'all a spoiler ok? cool

I have to go to bed now so byes. goodnight, ily


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