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Everyone has a different view on how to live life. Trying to get involved with someone's system is the hard part.

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4. chapter 3

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I sit in this little cafe I found while I was walking around this morning. Its about 7:00 so no ones in here but me. Perfect.

As I'm drinking my coffee near the big window they have on the side of the wall I start to get bored. Theres no one up yet! I need to see some excitement or something!

I can tell God heard me, because as soon as I thought that the little bell, indicating a customer is here, rang. I looked up, hoping to see an elderly or someone who won't pay much attention to me. To my dismay, however, I saw that boy from yesterday. Is he following me? He had to of seen me, I'm near the only window they have, and it faces outside! 

Getting flustered, I bring the hood of my sweatshirt over my dark hair, covering myself like a shield from this boy who can't take a hint.

He obviously can't when I hear the chair beside me make a screech sound, someone sitting upon it, and heavy arms hitting the table. "Can I have a sugar packet?" He says. His deep Aussie accent lingering in my mind. Maybe he doesn't know its me? 

I reach for a packet, slowly handing it to him. He reaches to grab it, only grabbing my wrist instead. "Excuse me? Can you let go?" I say irritated, this kid is getting on my nerves, not to mention he's creeping me out.

"Why don't you talk to anyone?" He said, ignoring my irritation. 

I didn't bother to answer as I ripped my arm out of his soft grip. Its none of his damn business, I don't even know the guy.

I quickly walk out of the cafe. My experience in Paris sucked so far. 




When you're a little girl growing up, you go through a stage when all you want to do is wear dresses. You want your hair curled, and you even want mommy to put a little makeup on your smooth, youthful face. You want to be a princess. You swear you will one day as pretty as mother, she's beautiful. You want your hair to be as long as rapunzel's, your height perked up because of the stilettos you stole from your moms closet, and your hands covered in some shiny, white gloves you found under your bed. 


I happened to skip that dreadful stage. I didn't want to be a princess, I wanted to be rich. I'm embarrassed to say that I wanted to be the president. I was very intelligent and knew that being a princess was not relevant to any of my friends. I never liked dresses as a child. I always liked to run around, or be crazy. Dresses restricted that. And I never said I wanted to be beautiful. Looks were never that important to me. I liked being myself and never wore makeup. Even going through high school.

None of that mattered now anyway, I've grown. 

Looking up at the starry night sky, surrounded by buildings shining with lights that looked very similar, I realized I didn't want to leave. This place is so beautiful, its like a dream or a fairytale I use to read about when I was a young child. It made me gasp in awe, my mouth hanging slightly ajar. It was magnificent.


No ones Pov.


She sat at the same spot from a night ago, being incapable of staying away from the wonderful scenery displayed before her. A man singing french in the giant park and playing the accordion caught her eye. She listened to the pretty music, swaying back and forth, just enjoying herself. That was until she felt the small blanket she was sitting on shift, and a gust of cold air smack her in the face. She didn't need to turn her head to know who it was. She could guess. 

"Stop following me." She said simply, trying to focus on the eiffel tower again, but the boy wouldn't budge. She sighed deeply, choosing to ignore his presence. 

So they sat there, side by side, listening to the music and watching the stars.




GUYS I actually updated when I was suppose to, be proud. My best fran helped me think of the first half of this chapter cuz I had writers block (as always). yasssss. anyway me and her are writing a story together soon. I'll tell you when and then y'all should check it out. 

next chap March 19th! Bye babessssss -xxhoodsbtchxx <3

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