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Everyone has a different view on how to live life. Trying to get involved with someone's system is the hard part.

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3. chapter 2

Next chapter: February 19




Shit shit shit shit. I always screw myself over. I've been avoiding everyone for about 4 years and now in this stupid park I connect eyes with some boy. I probably had something on my back and he's OCD and it was bothering him. I don't know and I don't care. I just need to get back to my hotel. I don't need him or anyone else following me. 

I continue to be mad at myself and walk towards the street my hotel is on. I then realize I have to pass this kid to get where I need to go. Fucking great. 

Don't notice me. Please don't notice me. I continue to say things in my head such as those as I quickly walk past him and some couple heavily making out. ew. 

I felt his eyes follow me as I swiftly make my way out of the park and onto the sidewalk. 

I sigh in relief and happiness as he didn't try to make conversation. I start my 20 minute walk back to the hotel. It would be 10 minutes if I waved down a cab but I don't speak French so no thanks. I like walking anyway so its no use. 

Like earlier a sudden wind comes and my hair flies over my face, since apparently I'm walking opposite the wind. 

"Fucking hell" I say as I struggle to get it out of my face and back to normal. Then just my luck another breeze comes and it blows everywhere again. "Goddammit." I say louder because this is very aggravating.


As I near the hotel I'm staying in I feel a sensation of relief wash over me. I take the stairs up to my level to avoid as much human contact as possible. I walk down the hall to my room and grab for my keys in my little bag, but I don't feel them.

 Wait, last time I saw them I put them on the blanket so I could grab my phone. Shit I forgot to put them back in! 

I bang my head on the door as I realize I am the biggest idiot on this planet. 



Again, I always screw myself over. I make my way back into the park after another 20 minutes. My eyes suddenly avert to the couple I saw earlier and they're still making out. How do you even hold your breath for that long?

I run over to the spot I was sitting at about an hour ago and start looking for them. What the hell! They're not here! Who would take shitty hotel keys? 

I look around the park to find any suspicious people who could have taken them. Nope. But to my dismay the boy I found earlier wasn't there. I internally frown but continue to look. 

That was until I felt a tap on my left leg. I turned around and looked down to find a boy who looked about 6 starring back up at me.

Here's the thing, I don't like being noticed, but children are fine. What are they going to do? Follow me around in the dark at night?

"Hi sweetie." I smile down at the little boy. I crouch down to his level so I can look at him straight on. "Hi miss." He gives me a wide toothy smile as he replies with his adorable little Australian accent. "I'm Noah." His smile doesn't seem to fade and its so cute. "Hello Noah. I'm Cameron." I laugh a little as he extends his arms telling me to pick him up. I instantly do so and he giggles. I place him on my hip. "I have something for you." he says and reaches in the little pocket of his overalls and pulls out my keys. I'm shocked as to where he got them.

"Thanks sweetie, but where'd you find these?" I ask taking them from his little hand. "My cousin found them." He says pointing to someone. I instantly look at who he's pointing to and freeze. Oh shit Cameron. 

Its that guy from earlier. He starts to get up as soon as he sees me starring. I immediately thank Noah and  gently place him back on the ground as his cousin is still coming this way. I start walking in the direction of the hotel to avoid all interaction with this man. He's already noticed me once, I need to get away from here. 

Breaking me away from my thoughts I notice someone walked in front of me stopping me from going anywhere. I look up to see those same eyes belonging to this boy I don't even know. He immediately puts out his hand for me to shake but I deny it, keeping my hands at my side and looking to the left to avoid any eye contact. If you can make it out of this, Cameron, everything will go back to normal. 

"I'm Calum." He says. and my eyes go wide to the sound of his deep, Australian, sexy voice. Its so attractive. 

"Cameron." I say monotone, finally walking around him. But this time he grabs my wrist stopping me. "Why are you trying to ignore me." He asks with a small laugh. I'm still facing the opposite direction when I say "I can't ignore you if I don't know you." 

I take my arm back and make my way home for the 3rd time tonight. 

I feel footsteps beside me as I walk down the newly cemented pavement. "Well maybe we can change that..?" 'Calum' speaks, next to me. 

Damn this kid doesn't stop. "Hmm?" I say not really knowing what he's talking about. 

"You said you don't know me. Lets change that." He smiles, and its as breathtaking as everything else on him, including his angelic voice. 

"Listen, Calum" I start. I don't want to say this, but it has to be done. "you don't know me, and you most likely don't want to-" he cuts me off "Yes I do." he smiles. I continue on, ignoring his comment even though it made my heart flutter. "being friends or whatever wouldn't be the brightest idea. Now, I'm going to go back to my hotel and pretend this never happened. I suggest you do the same." I say and with that I walk back to me hotel not looking back once. Not even when I heard footsteps behind me the whole walk.




HONESTLY HOPE YOURE MAD AT ME. I thought I was suppose to update the 5th, not the 3rd! So i seriously hope you guys are mad bc like i deserve it. Okay I feel shitty so I'm gonna go. bye guys i love you 

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