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Everyone has a different view on how to live life. Trying to get involved with someone's system is the hard part.

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2. chapter 1

Next chapter: February 3

She never really understood why she is the way she is. She had a wonderful family 

that she left behind

An amazing boyfriend

that she still wasn't satisfied with

and the greatest friends anyone could wish for

 but yet, she found a reason to not contact them,

well, all except for one.


She sits there on the cheap blanket she found in a little corner store, just watching the Eiffel Tower. Waiting for it to get up and walk away. Oh, the imagination she had. She hears the faint music from the little restaurant that happen to be placed across the park she had been sitting in for the past couple hours. She didn't want to get up, the view in front of her was too beautiful. 

It was night time, obviously. She didn't want anyone to see her, living in the shadows was her specialty.

She sits right in the center of the big grassy field. The sky is pitch black, leaving only the Eiffel Tower to light up the city. A breeze suddenly blows her hair back, yet she doesn't move a muscle. Only her eyes traveling around observing her surroundings. Random people scattered around the big park.


Cameron thought she had life figured out. She thought she could just hide from everyone during daylight and have the night be her sweet escape. Incase you don't know by now, she hated being noticed. No one knows why.

For such a shy girl, she loves talking. She often goes to clubs at night, just to dance and maybe find a stranger. Hiding all the time gets lonely, ya know. 

Cameron doesn't really have a home. Her parents hate her for walking out at 18, even though legally she could. She often buys a hotel room where she travels. Right now she's in Paris. She decided to stay for 4 days. Most likely because of the beauty she finds there. She's been traveling for about 2 years, so currently she's 20.




I feel eyes on my back, yet i decide to ignore it. Maybe they'll get the message that I'm not turning around. No way am I gonna lock eyes with some random person. I'm trying to not be noticed, goddammit.


The nightlife is so familiar to me that its almost like my new home. 

Or maybe you're just oblivious to your insanity, my self conscience sneers. 

I guess I'm just so antisocial that I talk to myself now. Well what else should I expect, I only ever talk to one person and that's my only friend from home. And its been a month.


Okay I still feel this person starring at me. Why won't they just leave me alone. 

Cameron whatever you do, do not turn around.

I can't help it! No one has ever looked at me for longer than a 2 seconds before!

Its not worth it. All this "i don't want to be noticed" bullshit is for a reason. You don't even know how to talk to your own friend without stuttering. Stupid girl.

My self conscience argues back and forth and I can't help but let my curious eyes start to move my head to turn around. 

I've never been like this. I got this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach as I slowly turn my head. It almost felt as if a force was overpowering me and making me look, or maybe it was just my imagination tricking me. I don't know but as soon as my eyes locked with the chocolate brown colored ones, I felt my breath hitch.

He was breathtakingly gorgeous. 

His dark brown hair was messily placed on his head. And I could be wrong but I think I saw faint blonde highlights. His face looked almost as if it was sculpted by a god. 

Cameron, listen to you. Try to not drool.

And with those internal words by yours truly, I closed my mouth and quickly turned back around. 

While I picked up my shitty blanket and dusted off my jeans, it hit me.


I've been noticed.




Hey guys! So I hope you enjoy chapter 1 (:

I also wanted to tell you that I will be updating every 2 weeks. I'm sorry if that seems like a long time! It's just that my schedule is crazy, so this way I will be able to write chapters and edit them as much as I can before I actually publish them. I'm going to try to make them sort of longer than I usually do so hopefully you won't hate me:P

So yeah! I love you guys!!


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