I Need You


3. the concert

Calum's pov

I'm really pumped about performing in Sydney today! I can't wait to get up on stage in front of all those screaming fans.

There's 15 minutes until the concert starts. Millions of fans are already lined up outside!

" You ready Cal?" Luke asked from behind me.


///// 15 minutes later//////

It's now time, time to go on stage, I peek out the curtain, wow it's packed!

" Boys you're on in 3......2....1 Go!"

We walk out on stage and get in our places. I look out at the audience one last time.



It can't be!

Luke's POV

I was just about to start our first song, looking at the guys telling them it's time.

Calum looks... Worried. We can't start like that!

" hey everyone! We'll be right back!" I run and grab Calum on my way off the stage.

" hey man are you ok?" I asked him.

"S-s-she's out t-there" he stuttered

" who's out there?"



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