I Need You


2. getting ready for the concert!

Today is the day, the day I finally see my brother Calum. I'm bringing my bestest friend in the world, Alyssa, with me.

Alyssa loves Calum with all her heart so I thought it would be nice to bring her.

At the moment I'm getting dressed for the concert. I'm wearing a sleeveless, crop 5sos top with high wasted shorts. My hair is on a side braid.

" Hey Liz! You ready? I cannot wait to see my future boyfriend any longer!" My beloved Aly called from the door.

"Ok! I'll be down in a minute, chill girl"

I ran downstairs, threw on my converse and hopped in my car.

//////skip car ride////////

We were finally here, in our seats waiting for the concert to start.

" hey Liz, I don't know how to pay you back"

" girl, don't worry about it for one second! I was my treat"

"Thank you so much you're the be-"

She was cut off by a loud speaker

" everyone! The concert will start in 10..."

Here we go!


I'm so nervous, I can't feel my legs!


Omg it's actually happening!

"3...2...1!!! Introducing 5sos!!!"

Oh my gosh, there he is, walking on stage, here goes nothing

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