The girl who killed one direction

One direction are the biggest band in the world. Everyone likes them except Amber. She's a rebel. She wants to kill them because she thinks they're ugly and untalented.
Will she succeed?
Will she get what she's always wanted?


6. step 4 part 3

Two down three to go. Who should it be next? I think Niall he wouldn't be missed I've seen all the hate on Twitter Facebook Instagram.

I've wanted this my whole life and now I've got what I wanted it's actually a lot easier than I expected.

I walked upstairs to Niall's room and opened the door. All guns set and ready to kill. He was lying on the bed just as I left him shaking.



"Don't be scared I'm only here to kill you"

And there I was about to get out my gun. Security burst through the door. Two men grabbed me and another went got Niall.

"Your too late you know" I said

"And whys that?" One of the guys asked

"Two of your gay boys are dead"


"Harry and Zayn"

"Your gonna pay for that!"

"I think the words your looking for are thankyou"

Then they picked me up and dragged me outside and put me in a car. I was tied up. They went and looked for louis and Liam and no way will they find them. Their hidden under floor boards.

I was sitting next to Niall and there was a guard outside the car. I managed to untie myself and got out my gun and killed Niall. Then ran back inside.

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