The girl who killed one direction

One direction are the biggest band in the world. Everyone likes them except Amber. She's a rebel. She wants to kill them because she thinks they're ugly and untalented.
Will she succeed?
Will she get what she's always wanted?


5. step 4 part 2

1 down 4 more to go who should be next? This was easy no ones gonna stop me now especially one direction will never be the same with four people.

I hear noise coming from upstairs. I run up there to see who it was. It was Harry. He is a freak and a pervert. I walked in the room slowly and locked the door.

"What are you doing?!" I ask

"Well I got uncomfortable so I was trying to get comfortable"

"You just made a huge mistake"

"Why what have I done?"

"You need to be punished"

"Ok we gonna do it again?"

"No but you will die"

I pulled out my gun and bang that was the end of Harry Edward styles. It's alright he won't be missed very much. He wasn't a big deal to anyone.

Hey guys I know it's short sorry. I'll update asap thankyou for your patience and feedback. Love you guys so much

Kaitie xxxx

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