The girl who killed one direction

One direction are the biggest band in the world. Everyone likes them except Amber. She's a rebel. She wants to kill them because she thinks they're ugly and untalented.
Will she succeed?
Will she get what she's always wanted?


3. step 2 and 3

Step 1 complete. Now time for step 2. Time to contact the boys telling them where he is. I stopped the car and dragged Liam into the house then pushed him in a room.

"Wheres your phone?!"

"In my pocket" he said in a shaky voice

"Don't need to be scared. Now give it to me" I commanded "what's the code?"


He reached into his pocket and gave it to me. I put it in my pocket. Then tied his arms and legs to the bed. Then walked out the room and locked it. Then I unlocked the phone and looked through the contact list. I phoned Niall.


"He's fine"

"Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter but Liam can go now he's no use so you'll have to come get him"

"Ok where is he?"

"34 maple close"


"Goodbye Niall"

The line went dead

Perfect they all fall into my trap. Those boys are stupid. They act all smart and all but there not. Half an hour later the boys arrived. They knocked on the door I stood behind it and opened. Once they were all in a slammed it. They all looked at me.

"Hello boys"

"Where is he?!" Zayn asked

"That doesn't matter"

"You said he could go!" Niall said

"And you believed me. Wow stupid"

"What do you want?" Harry said

"Just you guys"

"Why?!" Louis asked

"That doesn't matter"

"Yeah it kinda does!"

"Oh really" then I pulled my gun out "if I say it doesn't matted it doesn't got it!" Then they all nodded. "Now who wants so fun first?" "How about louis?"


"Upstairs now!" And he did

Then I locked the others in the basement. Perfect part 1 of step 2 complete.

Hey guys thank you to everyone who's commented means a lot to me. Like for more

Kaitie xxxx

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