The girl who killed one direction

One direction are the biggest band in the world. Everyone likes them except Amber. She's a rebel. She wants to kill them because she thinks they're ugly and untalented.
Will she succeed?
Will she get what she's always wanted?


2. step 1

I got the tickets thanks to a friend. I wore blsck ripped skinny jeans black nirvana top and black converse. I put my sadly perfectly wavy blonde hair in a pony tail like always. The concert finished. What do all these girls see in them they can't sing to save their lives. I got up and went backstage.

"Hey love" louis said

"Hey" I said as sweetly as I could

"How are you?" Harry asked

"Good you?"

"We're good thank you love" Liam said

"Did you like it?" Niall asked


"What's your favourite song?" Zayn asked

"Err umm I don't know I love them all"

"Aww she's a sweetheart" louis said

"Who's your favourite member?"


"Oh damn well maybe you to can go get a drink and talk" Harry said and the boys walk of. Get in there.

Me and Liam walked down the corridor. Asking each other questions. I realised where the exit was and this was going perfect. We grabbed a drink and say down at a table.

"Ok now I've got a question for you" he said

"Ok go ahead"

"Did you vote for us during the X factor?"

"No I couldn't so I didn't know about you guys till your first song came out"


"Ok now my go" I said while we got up and started walking


"Was it easy?"

"Was what easy?"

"You know ditching me for the X factor and then forgetting about me"


"Yes Liam it's me" I stopped by the door

"It's not what it sounds like Amber"

"Forget it Liam" and I grabbed my gun "walk!"

"LIAM!!" I heard the others say

"I'd stray there unless you want him dead!"

I pushed Liam into the car and drove off. Step one complete

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