Divided is a fanfiction on the 'Servant of Evil' series. In this story you shall see the feeling each and everyone felt, and read more into the fandom. WARNING: I DO NOT own Vocaloid or the Servant of Evil song series.


2. You Mean Shall...

          "La-Lady, Charlotte, your-" stuttered one of the maids. 

         "I think I know...-" Interjected Charlotte. 

          " You know that your now, you shall, y-you shall-" 

          "I- I know. St-Start hiring new servants. Daddy's shall be laid off." 

          "Bu-But, My Lady, what about Sir Edwards?" Asked the maid.

         Sir Edwards was my unblood related Uncle. An evil little thing. Power hungry. My step father sent me to the throne, so our kingdom will not parish. Will not parish...


          "Lady Charlotte! Stay still!" Shouted one of my tailors.

          I was getting tailored for one of my new dresses. As the ruler of our kingdom. Without Mother. Without-W-Without, a brother of mine. At least I think he is a brother of mine. I tend to dream about him. I'm no quite sure if he was my brother. Or if he was just in my mind. He looked kind of similar to me. He could've been just a dream, just inside my mind. Just inside my mind?

        "Lady Charlotte, we are here to inform you that we have a few people looking to fill the new servant positions." Interrupted a maid.

          "Good, bring them in please..."


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