Divided is a fanfiction on the 'Servant of Evil' series. In this story you shall see the feeling each and everyone felt, and read more into the fandom. WARNING: I DO NOT own Vocaloid or the Servant of Evil song series.


1. She's Still Alive?!


                      "Harper! Hurry up! You've got ye' self a day's work ahead! If you choose not to come, someone's going to lose their daily bread! Now get your little self up!" Yelled a loud, booming voice. 

          "Coming!" I yelled. I pulled some clothes and I ran out the door to tend to my daily chores. I ran to feed the chickens their cornmeal. (Or at least I thought it was cornmeal...) Then I made sure the horses had plenty of water to drink. Later, I ran out to town to buy bread and buy the paper.

           "I'm going out to town!" I hollered at that grumpy man. And ran to grab my hat.

          "I hope you get run over by a wagon!" The man yelled back. Gosh. So cruel. And to think that man is my birth father. 


                      I like to take shortcuts to town so I can spend more time there. It's always a nice change from picking up horse mess and dealing with my almost always drunk father. He wasn't always that way. There was a time when he was a hard working man and cared a lot for his family. HIS family. My dad, my mom, and my twin sister Rin. We all lived together and worked together as a working family. Things have changed though. I'm still not quite sure what had happened, even though I'm fourteen now. When my parents divided, me and my sister were divided. That wasn't the only change. My father that changed my name to 'Harper' for 'Len' reminded him of what he lost. He turned to alcohol, and, well, next thing you know, he's hoping I'll get run over by a horse and wagon. I'm pretty sure he think I forgot about my sister, my mother, and my old life. I was about seven when they parted. It's been almost seven years, and no matter how much I've tried, I can't track down my sister. All trails lead to her being dead, but I still haven't given up.

          "Hey kid! Are you going to buy some of thy' bread or not?!" Asked the bread shop owner.

         "O-oh, yes. Sorry. Two loafs please." I handed home six coins. 

         "Hey, kid, I didn't mean to scare ya'. I enjoy your business here." Said the man.

         "Th-thank you Mr.McGreggor." I put the loafs in a bag I had brought and went looking for the news boy to buy the paper. While looking for the news boy, I was hearing a lot gossip going on. They were saying that the King's fourteen year old daughter was in charge now that the king was dead. A fourteen year old girl in charge? Crazy people. 




         "Hey, Harper!" Squeaked a young boy. It was the news boy. "You care to buy a paper today for thy' self?" He asked.

         "Sure." I said, and handed him a few coins then started to read. The paper was quite expensive for they had to hand write and draw everything. Sure enough, on the first page, there was a story on how the girl was now to become ruler. I looked down at the picture. It was a small girl. With short hair. And a ribbon in her hair. A very large ribbon. A familiar looking ribbon...

         "Say! News boy! " I called. "Do you happen to know the color of this girl's hair?" I asked.

          "Hmm. I say that her hair would be about the color of thy' self's. Why?" 

          That was all I need to know. I thought, that right then and there, I had found my sister. Who else would be a girl, fourteen, have the same color hair as me, and wear that familiarly large ribbon? Who else? Who else? With the news, I ran straight home with no intention of telling my anger-stricken father. 

















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