Divided is a fanfiction on the 'Servant of Evil' series. In this story you shall see the feeling each and everyone felt, and read more into the fandom. WARNING: I DO NOT own Vocaloid or the Servant of Evil song series.


4. Preparing For A Change


               "M-my Lady, I'm so very sorry to bother you but, I'm afraid that we'll need your services. There is someone applying for a position, and I believe that he'll be pretty handy. He's quite young and seems pretty capa-"

          "Please bring him to me. I want to see if he has the capabilities you say he has." I replied. I need more servants and works than ever,- for protection. For protection from cold blooded Sir Edwards. He's quite the nasty little rat. He's just a power hunger freak who want to control all of our and own all of our riches. He was the next one in line for the throne, as my step-father's younger brother, but he chose me. He thought that if I could take the rule of this kingdom, that it would survive. That is would flourish under my rule. That there would be peace among us. That everyone would be safe. That we would be safe from my step-uncle of some sort. In order to do that, my Father made a mere girl, of only the age of fourteen,- a person that all would count on.

          It's hard to think that I'll ever live up to what the people want me to be. It just seems like too much to expect out of a normal girl like me. So far I've kept our town well fed, our workers well paid, and I've added some new rights for women. It's not much, but people have been saying that at this rate, I'll do even greater things. I don't quite believe that it'll ever happen but, well, I mean-...

          "A pleasure to meet you my Lady." said a boy,- about my age,- while bowing down. A boy with blonde hair. And blue eyes. A boy who looks so familiar, yet different. Like, like,-

          "I'm ready to complete my test." he said, looking into my eyes.  

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