Divided is a fanfiction on the 'Servant of Evil' series. In this story you shall see the feeling each and everyone felt, and read more into the fandom. WARNING: I DO NOT own Vocaloid or the Servant of Evil song series.


3. Leaving My Old Life

          "Shush ReahAnn!" I whisper shouted to a chicken near me. I was leaving my old life, and going into town trying to apply to a position where my long lost sister was. I had my messager bag with my, containing some bread, paper and ink, and a faded photo of my sister, Rin. The only thnk that was worrying me, was my father coming back out to get me. I have a feeling that we were separated for a reason. Or it just might have been that my father wanted me more than my sister. All I know is that if he does find me, he's going to come chasing after me with a whiskey bottle in one hand, and a brown leather whip in the other. All I knew was that I'd find my sister, no matter what I had to do, I was going to find her.


         I went searching for the quickest route to the castle. I found one and was there in minutes. I walked straight up to a guard and asked him in.

          "Kid, are you by any chance applying for a servant position?"  Asked the guard.

          Servant? Job? I figured that there was no other way to see her, so I went with the most common answer he might usually get.

          "Umm, yeah. I'm going for one of the new queen's servant! Yeah! That's it!" I stood there for a few seconds admiring my work.

         "If ye' are ready, I'll let you in. Good luck! I heard that they are pretty rough. I wish thy self the best of luck."

         And there, right then and there, he opened up the gates! I looked up at the gateway, gulped, and then walked through. Would she even notice me, I mean, well, it has been seven years.


           As soon as I got in, I was asked a few questions. I'm not on the final part of my "interview". The last test is to meet the queen herself and get graded. If I pass, I just might be able to see if she remembers me. If not...-

          "Sir!" Interject a short maid. "Lady Charlotte is ready to see you."

         I gulped, then, changing everything, I walked into the grand room.









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