"Puddles. That's what I was thinking about. Puddles. And ice-cream. Mostly penguins, but...Puddles." The last thing on fifteen year old Melanie Rams mind is mutation. Even though she can delve freely into people's memories and control them and objects around her, it is still the last thing on her mind. When a man arrives, claiming that a Mr Charles Xavier wants to enrol her in his school, Melanie has no idea what's going on-and neither do her family. But when they find out, what will happen?


1. Prologue.

        I always knew I was different to other people my age. Stuff the damn cliché, I am different to other people, and they hardly knew it. I mean, I hardly knew it myself until Logan told us. Me. My brothers and I, that is. My parents would have massively freaked. Well, they did in the end, I suppose, but...Parents. They'll freak over anything if you tell them there's something wrong. Not that there was something wrong with me, just...I wished that they would have reacted a little differently than they had. Oh well.

        I can move objects. Make them move with my mind. I can look into people's memories too, and nudge them into doing things that they may not have considered doing a second beforehand. I can also make them hear things that I'm hearing, and vice-versa. It's nifty, I've managed to get out of arguments with my brothers way more than I probably should have done. Once I realised that I was 'special' and 'different' from other people, I noticed another thing. I noticed others as well-others like me. It was small, but it was something. Then I noticed the voice. It sounded-polite. Asking me to notice him, Logan. The man with the claws and self-healing. The man called Logan. At first, I thought I was going crazy, but it did help me to notice him. Logan, I mean.

        They said that they were in trouble, and that they needed my powers. And so I did what anyone would have done-I helped, and rediscovered myself. I became Slick.

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