"Puddles. That's what I was thinking about. Puddles. And ice-cream. Mostly penguins, but...Puddles." The last thing on fifteen year old Melanie Rams mind is mutation. Even though she can delve freely into people's memories and control them and objects around her, it is still the last thing on her mind. When a man arrives, claiming that a Mr Charles Xavier wants to enrol her in his school, Melanie has no idea what's going on-and neither do her family. But when they find out, what will happen?


3. Chapter Two.

        "Buster-Buster, get off, you great lump! I don't want a hug or your slobbery tongue in my face! Why can't you annoy Rilk for once, huh?" I laughed and gave in to Buster's relentless tail thumping against my leg, his paws trying to dig into my shoulders, and kneeled to scratch his furry stomach and play fight with him. Tongue lolling happily out of his leathery mouth, Buster stretched his legs out and rolled over, only to get up and nose my face. I could feel his wet nose leaving a trail of cold against my cheek-I realised only too late that he was going to do an experimental lick across it.

        "Hey!" Buster sat down and cocked his head dolefully. Readjusting so I was cross legged, I shuffled forward and hugged the massive St Bernard. He whined slightly and sniffed at the back of my hair, resting his head onto my shoulder.

        "Look for him, find him,  with all of his claws, healing and adamantium."

        "What? Rilk?" Looking around confused, I wondered if Rilk had come downstairs yet. It hadn't sounded like his voice though; it sounded like someone older, more informed. I ignored it and left it as my imagination. Or maybe I had heard something that Rilk was watching?

        "It's not you're brother-find him, the one with the claws, and all will be explained."

        "Oi! Rilk! What you watching?" I stood as Rilk popped his head down the stairs and looked at me funny.

        "I'm not watching anything. I never do after work, you know that. You're acting really weird today, you alright?" I nodded slowly, and felt Buster's fur brush against my limp hand.

        "Rilk-I um. I want to ask you something, but you have to believe me that nobody told me, alright? And I want to tell you something without, um-freaking out. Please?" Concern and worry instantly flooded Rilk's face. Rushing down the stairs, he stood in front of me and gripped my shoulders firmly.

        "What is it? Are you alright? Does mum and dad know? Tell me! Is it something at school?" I felt-flooded.

        "Can I tell you before you freak out please? Jeez, Louise."

        "Hey, I'm just worried about my baby sister okay-

        "Oh shut up-"

        "Why don't you-"

        "Nugget head-"

        "Ooh, insulting-" We burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter and stumbled into the living room so I could talk. "What did you want to say?" Breathing a breath in and out, I started to explain-first, about me knowing Rilk being gay-and then me explaining my-power, I suppose? And how that showed me the conversation between him and Tee. Rilk's expression was something that needed to be photographed for future use. It went from anger at Tee, to confusion and then to disbelief.

        "So...It's a bit like Carrie?" I sighed in exasperation.

        "No, it's not. Well, the whole object moving thing is-but no. It's kinda hard to put into words. It's-ahhh, how can I explain it? Basically, it's like looking at a video of yourself from when you were younger, and, at first, not realising that you remembered you had the memory of it, and then looking back, you can, but you're not physically actually in your body, like you're watching yourself in that particular memory. Make any sense? Only certain things trigger it though, so...Yeah. That's kind of why I zonked out earlier when I mentioned you and Tee." Rilk turned his head for a fraction of a second and squeezed his eyes shut. I could tell he was trying not cry. It made me sad just looking at him. Moving closer to him on the sofa, I rested a hand on his shoulder and squeezed, giving him a small smile.

        "So. Yeah. I'm gay. Buy hey, what are you going to do about it?" Rilk gave a watery smile as his voice wobbled and his Adam's apply bobbed up and down. It felt difficult to swallow as I replied.

         "Hey-hey, it's alright, okay? There's nothing to be ashamed of! Rilk-oi. Big brother! Don't cry. You'll make me cry and then mum and dad and Miku and Max and Ari will come home and wonder what's going on between us two." He nodded.

        The rest of the family came home to see us huddled on the sofa, covered by Buster, watching Carrie on the TV. They didn't find out until a few weeks later about the both of us.







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